Making progress on my game! Free roam system is about a thirdway there.

Photos (eye contact, smiling) 

Sketching some assets for a game I'd like to make.

I'll never tire of drawing directly in 3D.

Made a little Grookey~ small modeling/retopo/texturing exercise!

Drawover before I commit to the costume. Mixed the comics & MCU outfit!

Made a shirt pattern for my SO's birthday, can you guess her favourite Adventure Time character?

Skull Laughing / Animation 

Tech test! I only drew 5 out of these 12 drawings. Quick experiment, but it definitely works. It's done through a mix of drawing & sculpting, so can achieve more organic stuff than just cut out puppetry

Some of the stuff from today's optional Character Design course at uni \o/

My brief was a Security Guard. Upper row is more experimental / off the brief, lower row is closer to what was asked

Visited my old workmates and there was a humongous keyblade in the lobby

Dinosaur evening at the SIGGRAPH London Drink & Draw tonight, here's my best one

Also have a 3D walkcycle because 3D stuff is what my course actually is about lol

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