Made a little Grookey~ small modeling/retopo/texturing exercise!

Drawover before I commit to the costume. Mixed the comics & MCU outfit!

Made a shirt pattern for my SO's birthday, can you guess her favourite Adventure Time character?

Tech test! I only drew 5 out of these 12 drawings. Quick experiment, but it definitely works. It's done through a mix of drawing & sculpting, so can achieve more organic stuff than just cut out puppetry

Some of the stuff from today's optional Character Design course at uni \o/

My brief was a Security Guard. Upper row is more experimental / off the brief, lower row is closer to what was asked

Visited my old workmates and there was a humongous keyblade in the lobby

Dinosaur evening at the SIGGRAPH London Drink & Draw tonight, here's my best one

Also have a 3D walkcycle because 3D stuff is what my course actually is about lol

Art style experiments. Definitely feel 'dot eyes' are more me, and was looking how other people (e. g. Charles Schulze) did them. Really liking this look and I think I'll stick with something among those lines.

Can't wait to see what this'll look like animated!

2nd sketch of the year!

I think I went a bit inconsistent with the shading. Need to develop a better feel for it.

Open to any critique :)

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