What do you feel like you're struggling with in particular? Something like achieving a likeness can be difficult given our perceptions of ourselves. It never hurts to put a smidge of caricature or exaggeration in portraits to help. If anything, your vision of youself is the truest self portrait even if it doesn't look like you've cloned yourself.

@digitalduckie Yeah, I'll try a bit more of caricature. Maybe that helps! My issue is that I see less of myself in self-portraits than whenever I draw random characters in my head

@vincentsautter we have strong preconceived notions of ourselves and it can be hard to reconcile with what we actually see when we take a closer look so that's understandable. but you can balance how you see yourself vs your appearance and still come up with something others will recognize as distinctly you. don't be afraid if your results aren't 100%

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