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Finished my first character-ish animation at uni today!

(Please watch until end)

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Omg things are exciting atm. I've got a meeting with an agent in a bit more than an hour (WISH ME LUCK!!)

Did a showreel scene with an actor yesterday who directly worked w/ Spielberg. I need to catch a break at some point, but THIS FEELS GOOOOOOD

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Offer men you know hugs. Create an environment where they feel safe accepting. Support men in creating an environment where they aren't so starved for contact and empathy that they misread any openness to their calm emotional expression as flirting. #InternationalMensDay

Spotlight finally accepted me and it feels like my work is paying off 👏 I never went to drama school, so this is HUGE for me 🥰

Next up, fishing for a fitting agent!

It's really nice to have some some good news again. After a tough break up and rejection in places I wouldn't have expected it in, this was sorely needed.

Received lots of new footage from my acting class. I don't cringe anymore watching myself. I’m actually kinda proud of it??? PROGRESSSSSS

Anyone know of a simple to use tool to make websites? I guess something like Squarespace, but open-source / free.

I have no time to code one, so might actually end up shelling out for Squarespace in the end, but still want to see if there's any alternatives. Struggling a bit with, even though it seems kinda cool.

Thankfully uni has only just started again and isn't too busy. Not sure how I would've coped otherwise. Also have some great peeps who are supporting me… so it's not all bad.

Just need to rant a bit. Sorry 🙏

(Ex-)Partner and I broke up a few days ago. Gotta move out and find a new place...

I'm in a small, dusty, crammed room (in the same house as my partner's) for now, and my dust allergy is flaring up at 100 while I'm packing my stuff (😷) and searching for a new place to live... which is especially fun, seeing as agents don't take on EU students without families / guarantors in the country, even if you've got enough money. 😡

Love such relaxing situations.

Recording a voice reel with a studio next week…

Anyone up for writing scripts for fake commercials / game cutscenes? Or anything else I could narrate? Shouldn't be much longer than 15 seconds each, open to hearing any ideas 😁

Set up my 'About Me' page for my acting website. I… had fun with it. Everything is totally 100% accurate.

Are there any more or peeps here on Mastodon? Might be quite a niche, but would be cool to see more on here 😅


They make me cringe a bit because I’m not used to seeing myself act, and all I see are mistakes, but it’s good to have some scenes. Feels like a proper start into screen acting.

They’re all on here:

This isn't even really a coming out because I never considered those secrets. As said, talking about it just kinda feels weird to me, but at the same time it makes me happy seeing other people talk about their experiences

I sometimes feel a bit like a fraud because of how low key I'm keeping some parts of my identity. Not because I want to erase the bisexual and non-binary part of me (to the point that I'm genuinely pretty OK with being addressed as he/him).

I just never really talk about it because... idk, it feels strange to mention it out of the the blue? But I also don't want it to be a secret. Hence this post. 💜

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I'm auditioning for Monologue Slam this weekend and I'm super excited about doing the lemons bit from Portal 2. Wish me luck!! 🌟

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If you want to make a softer, kinder, and better world, your best bet is to start be treating yourself softly, with kindness, and as well as you can.

It can be so easy for us to dismiss our own needs, to tear ourselves apart, and to treat ourselves far worse than we would dream of treating (practically) anyone else... but uhhh if you're working to hold up others? You are going to need a strong foundation.

That foundation is going to have to be you friend. Be fuckin nice to you.

Will be filming my acting showreel this week and I'm excited \o/

Holy moly I slept eight hours, sleeping pills work!!!

I know it might have sounded a bit memey but genuinely, even though I sadly don't use it much, it's super precious to me.

I have a cyber space w/ jacuzzi and everything to rest, where I can even rant about things and decide to show it only to very few people, which is just such a tight af privilege to have

Seriously. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, @Gargron (& team?), for making it. And I'll also pour one out to everyone who's actively on here, making it even better ♥️

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