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Finished my first character-ish animation at uni today!

(Please watch until end)

Sketching some assets for a game I'd like to make.

I'll never tire of drawing directly in 3D.

Need some help understanding MCU (Spoilers) Show more

Trust this boi to have an actual emotional breakdown over a B+.

Made a little Grookey~ small modeling/retopo/texturing exercise!

Drawover before I commit to the costume. Mixed the comics & MCU outfit!

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ukpol, Brexit, petition to revoke A50 Show more

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allison's taste in music, a brief history

high school + earlier: "bc of my sophistication i listen only to classical" [actually listens only to self-made cassettes of demoscene dance music]

undergrad: [buys two miles davis albums, sorta likes one] "yeah i'm into jazz"

20s: "here's my yearly top 10 of pitchfork-adjacent things"

early 30s: [Streaming Era Dead Zone, listens to the same four cocteau twins songs on repeat]

today: "wow this bandcamp of refrigerator field recordings really cooks"

Made a shirt pattern for my SO's birthday, can you guess her favourite Adventure Time character?

I'm going to be quoting / referring to one or more toots for my University essay.

What a time to be alive 🙃

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Guess who broke his phone while trying to fix it

...and the contract for it still goes on for 9 months

Tech test! I only drew 5 out of these 12 drawings. Quick experiment, but it definitely works. It's done through a mix of drawing & sculpting, so can achieve more organic stuff than just cut out puppetry

YO. I'm learning a kinda new way to do 2D animation and it's very experimental and amazing and it's going to make DREAMS POSSIBLE if it's actually going to work as it seems????

I''M BEYOND EXCITED and will post results here if it actually works. I still have my doubts but holy hummus it would be amazing

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