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Finished my first character-ish animation at uni today!

(Please watch until end)

Guess who broke his phone while trying to fix it

...and the contract for it still goes on for 9 months

Tech test! I only drew 5 out of these 12 drawings. Quick experiment, but it definitely works. It's done through a mix of drawing & sculpting, so can achieve more organic stuff than just cut out puppetry

YO. I'm learning a kinda new way to do 2D animation and it's very experimental and amazing and it's going to make DREAMS POSSIBLE if it's actually going to work as it seems????

I''M BEYOND EXCITED and will post results here if it actually works. I still have my doubts but holy hummus it would be amazing

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Some of the stuff from today's optional Character Design course at uni \o/

My brief was a Security Guard. Upper row is more experimental / off the brief, lower row is closer to what was asked


Not all phone and computer companies are ethically terrible, some are even pretty okay:



I'm definitely going to switch once I upgrade. Sony and HP are terrible, brands I usually stuck to 😅 thinking of going Acer & Nokia next. (But Acer's laptops are butt-ugly …)

Visited my old workmates and there was a humongous keyblade in the lobby

Dinosaur evening at the SIGGRAPH London Drink & Draw tonight, here's my best one

Also have a 3D walkcycle because 3D stuff is what my course actually is about lol

Can't wait for Maya 2019 so I don't need to deal with crashes so often 🙃

Confession: I've not even once made money with art in my life thus far. Maybe changing that should be a goal for this year.

As unintentionally funny as The Room was…

"If a lot of people loved each other, the world would be a better place to live"

is a great quote and I LIVE FOR IT

We have to choose a topic about themes in contemporary culture at uni. I find it hard to narrow down what I actually want to write about... too many different things I want to approach. None of them being very comfortable topics.

Art style experiments. Definitely feel 'dot eyes' are more me, and was looking how other people (e. g. Charles Schulze) did them. Really liking this look and I think I'll stick with something among those lines.

Can't wait to see what this'll look like animated!

Why do people with bluray players _still_ buy DVDs? There's a drastically better option since over a decade.

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the british government is doing another survey where they're asking about the experiences of intersex people. this ~might influence policy and is almost certainly already being manipulated by bad people. as i have close intersex friends who had nonconsensual surgery performed on them by the NHS as infants this is very important to me.

you can fill it out here:
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Thought I'd try animating a waterfall using a particle emitter instead of tiles. It looks... okay, but it's too noisy for my taste, so I'll try implementing something similar with tiles tomorrow.

I like the dominance of solid colours, I'll keep that.

(Don't mind the invisible tree, I'll lighten up the background later.)

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