🥳To celebrate Carl von Linné’s birthday on May 23rd. Linnea borealis. (I don't know what am I doing with the leaves.....)

The most beautiful Norway spruce mutation I’ve ever seen. A genetic mutation caused the young shoot Color turning red instead of the usual sap green. I would be very happy to have one like this in my yard.

Bought a bottle of champagne. Made a tag. Put it in the cabinet.
I hope I can drink it as soon as possible.

My top 5 tonight: Ukraine, Sweden, Australia, UK, Iceland. :artaww: :artaww: :artaww:

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I was quite busy today so I only got time to do a small practice. Well, the teacher’s onion looks much more smooth and fresh. Mine look like it has stayed in the fridge for weeks :artsweats:

This poor thing has to go to the emergency care today, but she was very brave and kept her decency.

I decided to create a new account here to focus on my work.
Here is my self :
I’m a plant pathologist, and painting is one of my hobby. Since I study fungi, I have special interest in of fungi, and I also do plants. I like cooking and food, so I also have interest in . Sometimes I do some random sketches.
Living in Sweden with my husband and two awesome .
Looking forward to making more friends here!


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