Definitely forgot to update for a while. Some new art, will start trying to post what I've done slowly since I last updated.

Process gif for my most recent painting (seems like you may need to click on it in some apps to view)

Gonna be without WiFi for a few days at the new place so ofc I started a new painting that makes perfect sense

Sorry for disappearing abruptly. Moving is hell and I'm still trying to get stuff back together but here's a new sketch I'm working on.

Then as a joke I tried to do a compilation of pictures I did of That One OC this year and... Yikes lol

That said I used him a lot for attempts at lighting and edges and looking at the far right one against the later ones I definitely got the hang of not blowing the shadows and highlights finally which was my struggle

compilation of my favorite painting this year from every month. maybe not the best picture, just the one I like most

Learning to draw might not have given me a job in art yet but it's given me the ability to draw the Mary Sue I came up with on the bus to eighth grade so fucking accurately to what he should look like and in a way that's actually kind of it's own prize

Elf on the shelf, but it's some six foot tall gorgeous fantasy elf instead of some tiny fantasy snitch.

Folks hate when I take photos of my screen but the Surfaces keyboard is broken so I post everything from my phone anyways and it's so much easier than saving it you don't realize all the keyboard shortcuts used in saving stuff until you can't do them and I'm such a lazy person that I'm not gone stop doing it

Master studies after Timothy Rodriguez. Limited value studies are really clicking as warm-ups πŸ€—

I'm not sure how good these studies look to others because I've stripped them intentionally of the ability to glaze in big soft shapes, fiddle with details, use lines to build them, or even line them up visually with the originals when working on them. By removing the things that make my studies look good normally they don't look as polished or accurate.

But damn if it doesn't feel good to do them as a result. Real mental workout.

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