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One of my favorite ways to get to know people is through art trades. Regardless of skill level or creative background, making stuff together is a connection!

So for as long as this is pinned, I'm open to doing art trades with anyone interested. No qualifiers, open to anyone ✌

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πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹ I write and draw CINNAMON, a comic about a house cat with an overactive imagination and a lot of energy to burn. It's a lighthearted action comedy that pokes at the ups and downs of life with cats.

It's just Garfield with giant mecha fights, made with a pinch of love and catnip. 😻

I've never failed a Wordle and it's my sole source of self worth rn.

I'm 3rd connections with everyone on LinkedIn. Every. Single. Person. If you are connected with anyone at all, we are in each other's network, you cannot escape me, I am inevitable. Do you wanna work on spec?

I know that followers aren't really a measure of success, but growth still feels good. And it is crazy to me to have so many artists that I look up to, and to find myself "catching up". Is it wrong to feel a little vain sometimes?

All my thoughts and feelings are stored on servers and broadcast over airwaves. The veins of my intranet send roots deep into the earth. am a brain in a jar.

My Discord cycle is to join a server, engage a ton for a week, forget about it for a month, then never post in it again out of fear I'm not welcome for not participating enough.

I've been using Photoshop for over a decade, but I have been trying dang hard to make space for open source tools in my workflow. Blender is already a staple for me, but what I REALLY want to do is make a comic front to back in Krita. If the text tool didn't suck *so badly* it would be a slam dunk for the comics I make. But in trying to be lean and mean for drawing and painting, it's missing the graphic design tools I use on the daily and that makes it tough to jump.

Finished A Memory Called Empire just before the year ended. Fabulous book, can't recommend it enough to anyone who was a fan of the *political* part of Dune (aka all of it).

What's an OC? I've never drawn the same character twice and feel like I'm missing out.

Roughs // 2 hours
Inks // 1.5 hours
Tone+Post // 0.25 hours

What was intended to be a warmup for the day, turned into a larger inventory. It helps me a lot to know how much time it takes for me to do a sketch, or a panel, or a page. So I time myself on a piece every few months to see where I am at.

I guess the most revealing part of this one is how little detail I put in my sketches, and just how much i ink on the fly. Risky.

You know you are in for the biggest comeback of the whole anime when you hit the low point of the fight, and the music from the OP kicks in. 😩😩

The lore may have gone off the rails towards the end, but MegaMan.exe is still my favorite Megaman.

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