Beneath a hazy golden sky, you slide down from your forest boulder perch, the soft moss protecting you from scrapes.


You glance back to see a flash of gold disappear beneath the boulder.

'It's okay,' you say. 'I won't hurt you.' You take the last crumbs of your lunch and lay them in front of the crevice.





Eventually, it slithers out. A perfect clockwork salamander of brilliant gold, gears turning in the joints of its legs, jaw clicking as it scoops up the crumbs.

It pauses and gets up on its hind legs to look at you -- at its full height, it is only as long as your index finger. In its chest is a swirling mechanical cage wherein a tiny crystal heart beats.

'Rreekr?' it chirps.

You smile.

Thank you to @arca0 for this creature encounter commission with the prompts 'golden sky' and 'giant boulder in a forest clearing'

I had a lot of fun with it!

@vicorva This is amazing, thank you! <3 I'm glad you had fun with it. I hope we'll get to see the other commissions :)

@arca0 I'm glad you like it! Thank you so much again!

And I've got another one I'm looking forward to writing as well. I've been playing with ideas for the creature that I hope go well with the prompt. ^_^

@vicorva :flan_excite:​ I love where you went with this one - who knew a clockwork salamanders were such delightful creatures! I'm sure the next one will be awesome as well :)

@arca0 Thank you!! It's a creature I think I may want to return to sometime. There's something fun about a seemingly constructed creature in a wild place.

@vicorva I agree - I definitely didn't expect it. I'd certainly read a longer piece that featured them ;)

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