Hey you! Yes you! Do you know a book or series that is queer, written by a qyeer person, or written by an ND/disabled person, that doesn't have the sexytimes in it?

Drop a recomendation below! I'm always looking for new books to read.

(boosts welcome)

@MmeLibertine @vicorva i'm just finally making my way through Non Player Character and am absolutely loving it (my kindle says im 36% through and I've only been reading it for 2 days), and Books and Bone is next on my list (i picked them both up a while back, but re-reading lord of the rings caught me)


@MmeLibertine @soffkitty @packbat 😭 💙 this was such a lovely thread to wake up to, thanks for reading and reccing my books you wonderful folk

@vicorva @MmeLibertine @soffkitty @packbat darnit, I was gonna recommend their books as well, but guess I'm too late 😂 Guess I'll just try to boost the signal!

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