Thunder rumbled. He gazed out the window in frightened fixation. His was the only house around.

Lightning struck the tree outside. When the storm passed, he ran out to mourn what felt like an old friend.

Among the split and charred remains, a lump of ash stirred. A bright eye blinked at him blearily.

He cleared the ash and bore the twig-like creature inside. Rest, soup, and sunlight soon saw it better, but it seemed unhurried to leave and he was glad of the company.

@vicorva I really like this. :blobhaj_heart:

(My childhood backyard had the last old, huge apple tree from a long gone orchard, that died a few years ago in a storm. Last I heard, some seeds from its remaining apples had been planted in the same spot. It really is like mourning an old friend. 🌱)

@badger that's both sad and lovely.

I'm glad there was a bit of truth in the story.

Awesome! So adorable!

And there was a thunderstorm here today!
That must have been your work then. :ms_crazy:

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