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Also, I did this self portrait of me to get back into concrete art. (didn't want to practice on someone else!)

Picture shows a person with short blonde hair wearing a bright red coat and taking a selfie.

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3 hrs of good work on my project followed by a long run. Feeling badass.

I had like 3 good ideas during that shower! 🚿💥

Firefox Monitor just let me know that one of my accounts was involved in a breach so I could change my password. That's handy.

Wow. Just read the first few chapters of by @eishiya - so good!

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One I did earlier this year, I just want a few pics on here to stop my page looking so empty!

Gouache & Digital, based on a high fashion photo (haute couture = scifi clothes)

This is the one and only game I've made so far (from 2 years ago). This is what I did to teach myself how a CYOA might work. It has cursing and bombs in it and requires sound. Also, it's very, very dumb.

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Just came across this in a drawer - it's a zine I made 15 years ago. It's actually tiny. 2" x 3"

I'm really enjoying "How To Invent Everything" which is written by Ryan North who also does Dinosaur Comics

Hi. I'm Verdi. I’m a product designer at Mozilla where I work on Firefox.

I’ve had a ton of past lives including: nuclear sub engineer, performance/video/theater artist, high school media teacher, and professional machinima director.

I was also part of the small group of people making vlogging happen before YouTube was around.

Two years ago I got it in my head that I wanted to make games. Well, not real game games. More like art/vlog/performance/game mashups. Wish me luck.


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