@Sylvhem 😀 well those shapes were made in SecondLife more than 10 years ago so that fits.

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Here's a clip from the video game I've been working on, where you explore an island... but all is not as it seems.

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Whenever I see this button in my car (mostly when I'm picking up tacos at the drive thru) I think of Star Trek Voyager.

My favorite image from hiking last week. This was taken in Zion national park (Utah, USA).

I went hiking in Zion National Park (Utah, USA) last week. It looks like a fantasy Leonardo da Vinci landscape.

@Skiant @mcpaccard We read this (Firefox UX team) and really liked it. Then we followed that up with Future Ethics by Cennydd Bowles (future-ethics.com) which was super helpful.

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Just a little something that came to my mind that I just had to put to page...

Yesterday I used Twine to prototype a small part of the game I'm working on. As part of that I added a tiny bit of css to make it fit better on a phone - gist.github.com/Verdi/6ed68f3d and I created a Bandersnatch-like timer gist.github.com/Verdi/c04f3793
Check them out if you make things with Twine. And see it in action with my little prototype dreamhouse.forsale/test/

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the last photograph i took during daylight in 2018, as the sun slipped towards the waves just beyond the westernmost point on the island of oahu, hawaii. my parents stood nearby while i clambered down the rocks with my hasselblad.

it gets cold so quickly when we spin beyond the reach of the sun.

[ from my currently brewing project, "ALL OUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED" ]

Y’all. I’m going to see Peter Murphy and David J play this tonight. youtu.be/s_RCwyYp3Lg 16yr old me exploded when I first heard that song.

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