I'm excited about the lunar eclipse tonight. Hopefully I'll a few good photos.

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@Waxlimbs I don’t know. I’d much rather listen to a great album than a bunch great singles though.

@Waxlimbs I don’t like the practice of releasing a bunch of singles long before the album comes out. This runs the danger of getting burned out on a couple of songs and that makes the album a way less enjoyable experience in my mind. Now if the singles are just singles and not on the album, that’s another story.

@Waxlimbs Well. Talk about simple... The spheres are just primitives in Second Life. I turned the rendering to wireframe, rotated around with the right arrow on my keyboard and recorded the screen. Basically fucking around. But yeah, me too!

Because I can't help buying fancy domains, I just got dreamhouse.forsale for my game that's not a game thing.

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Stereoscopic gif, because I liked how the lens flare moves.

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Haruki Murakami Day: Stream Seven Hours of Mixes Collecting All the Jazz, Classical & Classic American Pop Music from His Novels openculture.com/?p=1059564 t.co/e87ganhbTb

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@basicbishoujo Could you imagine being the last person to die?

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