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.-. does a creature anatomy class and immediately realizes i cant do human anatomy

And this one. Why is she on a fancy chair in a field? Idk it's a pinup

I wonder if i should make that into a print for cons

Today i am decidedly not okay but i figured even while taking a break from my usual social media outlets i should attempt to improve my art anyway.

So yeh reliving this account for some accountability in that time

Long time no see! Follow emails reminded me i have this... Well
I talked about my mothers sickness here before and in the interim, she had died, seven minutes before her 58th birthday, too soon and in too much pain. I tried to help, being there, injecting the painkillers in the end but at the end nothing could keep her here... The last time she could speak to me she told me to stop being sad. The last time i spoke to her i said she can go, that we'd be okay.

Actually please tell me on what you will need a cw, I try to think of the more common ones but if you have an issue with sth specific just let me know

bodyhorror, scopophobia, trypophobia, arachnophobia 

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Me, as a pirate: The real treasure is the friends we made along the way.
My shipmates: Is that why you're burying us alive?
Me: It's among the reasons, yes.

I think I'll need to shelf my patreon .-. It becomes increasingly clear that I can't handle it well at the moment - i feel bad though for disappointing my patrons like this...

I kinda want to make a nsfw zine, mainly because I am unsure what exactly it would contain

(Probably monsterladies)

I just got upset with myself for NOT DRAWING IN AGES but thankfully thought to check the calendar to see it has been
2 weeks

calm down brain.

mentally preparing for somehow hauling 80 pounds of luggage to and into a bus

plus my new medication makes me sick in moving vehicles atm so today is going to be A Thing

I'm at Dokomi this weekend! Hall14, table G09 - I look forward to meeting you there :>

OC doodle I really like, featuring blatant lies and a character I haven't found a name for yet (I call her the Hunter for now)

also I'd really like to get into painting in photoshop again (I'm using clip studio paint) but I'm having trouble getting my tablet to work? Windows keeps doing this dumb circle thing and I can only make a line 1 out of 5 times and booooooo

I would like to paint in photoshop because there's such nice brushes for it...

i dont know how anything works anymore T_T

(hidden for partial nudity)

I started randomly drawing an OC as swamp thing for and he looks way too pleased about being a swamp thing

this is the first time I've painted digitally for like a year?? oh my god.

on another note, it is really good to just draw nonsense right now, that is supposed to go nowhere, but I still feel guilty on not spending that energy on something that "makes sense"...

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