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I have like 11 new prints and I need to cut stickers and such but I'm also working on a new chapter for Lordran and Beyond while working at the pharmacy... ahhhh 🙈
I planned on reopening my stores in January but it looks like it is going to be march...

Speaking of ...

I'm rereading the watch series at the moment and
wow I love these books so much??

Here's a discworld doodle page with stuff from my sketchbook

I read Nightwatch from Terry Pratchett again recently and I had the Strong Desire to make some wearable lilac...I hope to get these hard enamel pins in about 6 weeks! Just in time for a convention in may...

first time making enamel pins I am super nervous about how they might turn out!

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oh and a quick sketch of my character Barnacle.

They are a Dragonborn Rogue and since they come from a small port village, I based them off a marine iguana.

They are very nervous usually. More stealth than stab

!CW Nudity for Gesture Sketches!

I need to get better at using mastodon haha

Although, I didn't really draw too much recently in any case? Not feeling up to it

I'm trying to improve though, so I decided I'll concentrate on doing some gesture drawings! These are from the youtube channel Croquis Cafe - I first tried to find the shape and then drew the gesture over it.

oh also thank you @foervraengd I think it was you who recommended Diamine Inks and cultpens to me. I've purchased some of the inks and am currently waiting on another order because I love them so much!

Professional street trash Samuel Vimes

I haven't drawn Discworld Fanart since Terry Pratchett died (in fact, my latest Discworld fanart was drawn in his memory) but after 2 years or so I think I'm ready to return... this series is so important to me

The first part of "INCENSE", a Bloodborne comic that I illustrated and my friend Zach Sharpe wrote is now available here:

The cover was done by HiggsBeeson on twitter, I'm not sure if they have a mastodon account

It contains eye gore and injury.

Patrons on Patreon can download the high res pages and will get the annotated psds next week :>

When I made this, I actually felt myself getting very disappointed. Too little progress, I thought, too little experimentation, no noticeable improvement.

But then I reminded myself of two things:

1. Not everything is about productivity and progress. Those things have nothing to do with self worth, even though it is hard to remind oneself of that

and 2. Despite everything that happened this year, and continues to happen, I kept going. That is the most important part and my focus for 2018 as well.

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how come that a smudge or scanned piece of eraser only becomes obvious to me when I see the image in print?


the projects I do next are all stuff I really like (Bloodborne, Gamegrumps, Horror) but

shrieks and hides under desk

drawing is hard

Preparing files for print I HATE IT!!!
even if it is just
single art prints

don't get me started on zines I still don't fully know what I'm doing there

long post; images: bodyhorror, gore, emetophobia, clusters/swarms, skeleton, rodents Show more

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How to PIN multiple columns in web view to follow those all-important # feeds. Video starts from nothing just in case you delete everything by mistake.

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This month gave me some unexpected expenses so I could use some commissions to fix my budget holes~ And they are cheaper than my usual price, just for you lovely tooters!

🔸 You send a mail to with description/references
🔸 I tell you whether I accept or not
🔸 I do and send a rough sketch for acceptance
🔸 You pay via PayPal
🔸 I finish and send you your drawing!

Feel free to ask any questions!