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Anyway...I'm back to working on that ghost themed zine.
She really wanted to see it done and I hope I still get the chance to show her.

(can't put this on hellsite because I'm terrified a bot might pick up a word from the text and reply to me with some advertisement. I would fucking lose it)

I usually keep this to myself and I don't think I have mentioned her sickness anywhere (first diagnosed March 2017) but today idk. I feel very weak. I had such hopes that maybe after this surgery it would be okay again...but no one knows what's happening to her.

and even IF I get to talk to her again, we have months left, tops.

Cancer, man.

My mother (who I am very close this) spent this month in the hospital, has been unresponsive for a week now and even after a second brain surgery that didn't change one bit...

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2018 mission: get jacked for the sole purpose of being able to draw more without overexerting my arms and wrist and stuff

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the older I get the more obvious it becomes to me that probably 90% of people never know wtf they are doing but they get better at hiding it

I mean that is my experience

today I bought a watermelon for WAY TOO MUCH MONEY because I misread the pricetag and then was too anxious to NOT buy it at the register and ADMIT MY MISTAKES

with which I mean
I'm an adult

working on my Hauntings zine again ("Liminal Spaces"). I originally planned 4 bonus illustrations but I think I have 12 more ghosts now...

Won't post much more than this, but patreons get to see the stuff up front

I'm in love with my lilac pin... I was so worried how it would turn out because this is the first time I've designed an enamel pin but ahhhh it's perfect

they are here and they are beautiful 😍 you can get them using this link:

I'll leave the preorder price up for the next 12 hours or so since I really didn't expect to receive these so quickly!

woah suddenly a lot more people follow me! Hi!

My eye is still being a bit of a shit and no one knows whats happening but I found more posca pen doodles :0

My DnD Dragonborn Barnacle (they are based off a marine iguana)

I spent 14 hours at the clinic yesterday but no one can tell me what is happening to my eye

So there isn't even sth I can attempt to treat it, they didn't even want to give me painkillers because no one has any idea what is causing this


I love it when I'm
1. told there's an emergency with my eye
2. I need to get to a specialised clinic for it
3. since it is an emergency I'll only have to wait 1-2 weeks for an appointment


I guess if it gets worse I'll just drive there and sit there until someone does something?

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