Am I super late?? Yes. Does that change that u should do all of the above? nah.

Also!!! Don't forget to love yourself!!! Doesn't have to be ground breaking, but do something small and kind for yourself!

Happy Hearts Day everybody!!! Kiss ur datemate(s), hug ur friends, roll around on your siblings and high five your family!!!

They're girlfriends.

Want your own commission like this? DM me or email: KatWylderArt [at]

@elliemars Thank you 💜 🖤 I mean I kinda know that but.. hearing it again once in a while truly helps ;___;

@sandzwerg not /quite/ what I was worrying about this time but tbh this is very helpful nonetheless bc that's also a thing I'm struggling with so thank you for sending it my way 💜

@tobias oh that's a neat way to mentally approach that! Thank you! 💜

@katwylder I'm trying to internalize that but.. that's so hard? For me at least.. Tho in this special case, through all the replies I got so far, I remembered another thing that was very similar to my idea and the thing I saw as well and.. I do feel a little reassured now..

@Ellteo I'm only halfway through but this is immensely helpful already, thank you so much ;___;

Uh hey friends. I got a question for support...
I have this issue where when I see something that's somewhat similar to an idea of mine or sth I'd always wanted to do but never got around to do it (like a kind of OC's, an AU, etc) I get really really discouraged and the feeling that I'm now not allowed to do that anymore because someone else already did it and uh..

Any advice on how to deal with that? D:

I’ve had a lot of downtime at work, so I’ve been doodling a few of my OCs!

“-El” (they/them) is a seraph, and a pretty intense being overall. Mostly on account of angels being freaking terrifying
“The Hermit” (they/it) is a fey who is composed of a lantern and an animated deer skin. While not malevolent, they aren’t exactly the best help if you’re lost, but they will appear in dire situations.

I made up these LGBT identity words show what it would be like if the words were built only from native Germanic English roots, instead of from Latin or Greek loan-words: (1717 characters, very long) Show more

Haphazardly tosses myself onto the bandwagon!!!
Good god, y'all can see my gay little face. (+ The bonus lil bunbee!!! It has a lil heartbeat to keep me from dying of anxiety at night KDJHDJF)

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