Possible Album Cover for that music project with my own voice that i may or may not do at some point in this timeline.

(hidden for animal skull)

i didn't get as far with my art today as i had planned BUT.. well, here he is, my new necro tree. i know still lackin most of the sylvari features but it's getting late hh

[hidden for mild gore, mild nudity]

Have I ever posted my fanart here?? I feel like I have but. If not, here it is now. It's.. OLD but I'm still proud of especially the first one. It took me two eternities to complete.

New post!

Hello I am Chaos. Or Robyn, if that's easier for you.
I'm a nonbinary entity from Germany and I like to draw creepy things. And occasionally cute things I suppose. I also like tinkering with music and .
Apart from that I mostly play MMOs like or or contemplate life's many struggles. I love meeting likeminded people though and talking about OCs so feel free to follow and say hi! πŸ–€

♦ Music example:

♦ Art examples:

"Aftermath" ✨
My OC Cain having a very bright nightmare after the events of the latest dlc Shadowbringers.

do u ever have to stop and stare at what you're drawing because you can't quite comprehend the super awesome shading you're doing is actually done by your own hand and not someone else's?

I managed to draw something today!! It's my friend @feather_sword 's player character Emrys Willowcreek ✨ so happy with how he turned out πŸ’œ

So, will add buns with the new dlc Shadowbringers and as a bun supporter I obviously had to draw a portrait of the one I'm going to play.

Blasts "Death is just a Feeling" by Avantasia on full volume.

Cover for my new webcomic, Totentanz - Dead Man Dancing!! πŸ–€
(I suppose I'm overly careful since I've seen far more brutal things out in the open but hidden for a Y-scar)

painted a bit. it looks horrendously wrong but was fun to do

I went for this framing right now. The hydrangea will kill me later but at least I'll have fun

(still contains bones)

anyone got some art advice for me? This is my sketch but I'm unsure how to properly frame it, it feels so oddly placed rn...

(hidden bc bones)

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