If you ever feel like you're not doing enough - make a list of all projects. this is mine for this year so far, there's 3 songs in there, some of all with a deadline quite soon. And there's more to come + personal projects. That was quite a surprise.

also if i ever need to sum up my aesthetic with an album cover this will be it.

i did it i finished the πŸ’œ

..technically 40 mins ahead of time but... i doubt i'll do anything new so-

so it's and i finally remembered to participate. Here's the first batch! (rest will be in the thread)

And yes, I decided to be brutally honest about my daily activities...

I got a fair bit further, although not many ppl were there ;___; I'll stream again later tonight after my hand has had a break

ok here we go.

(note, may contain [mild] ffxiv spoilers though I'll try my best to keep things hidden)


perfect I'll only have to digitalize it tomorrow-- after I've slept.

Here's the i was talkin about earlier - lazily colored with the csp colorize feature bc it was just a warm-up

2019 Commission Info!!

Everything you need is on these images OR on my website at robyn.vanhaase.de/commissions/

No slots, but there may be a waiting list. Also special offers will run out.

πŸ–€ Pls share πŸ’œ

tfw u got the entire lineart done

except for the most difficult part - the head.

I drew my Cain in @Nezumiyasha's gorgeous art style!
... or I at least tried to. I'm definitely not used to working with inks. But I think he looks good so that's that.

(Thanks again for allowing me to butcher your style πŸ–€)

AAAH belated Christmas Present THANK YOU @anaisfae for making such gorgeous things πŸ–€πŸ’œπŸ–€ (and thanks to my boyfriend for gifting me these ;___; )

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