New Commission post with updated tiers! πŸ’œ

All info also on my website at

Boosts appreciated but you can also just tell your grandma. Or your cat. Or alter Ego. Just... tell someone.

Hello yes I've spent way too many days drawing my character Cain in a rococo dress. Please hand me a cold drink and some painkillers for my hand thank you.


value test thingy~

Still SO MUCH to do but ah well. PROGRESS at least.


I'm drawing something huge with a TON of folds again...

Drew a friend's character and honestly...

I would really like to draw dead looking characters for a living.

went to the art store today to get some acrylics for a Top Secret Project. Couldn't walk past the tiny canvasses. Also immediately painted this baby. Golden Sun ~ πŸ–€πŸ’›

lazy ballpoint doodle i did while watching the new queer eye season today

The advantage of short story Comics is that I can plot them out in full in one single day.

me: "I'll rather write short story comics so I don't burn myself out halfway through..."

also me:

(mild-ish?) NSFW art - (crotch is covered) Show more

I've been wonderin forever now why i thought my curtains had something odd about them and now at almost 3 am it suddenly hit me.
They look badly textured with anti-aliasing off..

tried doin some figure drawing thingies based on music video dances and these two were the only ones i'm comfortable showing. it was fun tho!

We rearranged my room yesterday and my new work corner just feels so much better and brighter πŸ–€πŸ’œ also no more annoying light reflections on my tablet!
(the other side looks a little blank tho.. needs more decorations)

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