Artists! My Free Software game Rabbit Escape needs rewards for completing each set of levels. How about some beautiful art of some rabbits escaping? Anyone want to contribute? #gamedev #commissions @Curator


@andybalaam Rabbits? sign me up i love those fur balls. if i can provide the kind of art you're looking for of course

@vanhaase brilliant! I'm looking for loads of different art styles - one for each set of levels. It can be anything that is inspired by rabbits escaping. Seeing the picture will be a little reward for the player when they compete the set. Sound good?

@vanhaase Do send me any ideas you have or work you do on this. To be part of Rabbit Escape you will have to be willing to provide it free and agree to the GPLv2+ license.

@andybalaam No, I haven't. I've been stuck in deadline hell and have to get those things out of the way first.

@vanhaase Definitely no hurry, it's all just for fun. Hope the deadlines go well.

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