@vanhaase I like it! A lot! Somebody else already volunteered to make the cover art though, but I'd be happy to include it in the final download as a bonus item :) The title of the album will most likely be something else though. It's so beautiful though!

@awhaleslantern hah yeah, no problem! I kind of expected there to be a cover already but I still wanted to have a bit of fun with a fake cover :D totally cool with the bonus item. You probably just want the HQ version for that tho bc this one's kind of uh.. bad jpeg quality.

@vanhaase yes, that would be great! You can send it to me any time (there's a lot of time until October :) ) but I'll make a note to include it! I love the light effects and the little lantern, you're very talented!

@vanhaase @awhaleslantern l love that it's like an anglerfish except the exact opposite of an anglerfish

@vanhaase @awhaleslantern
Hey, Robyn. I believe we are now connected (in a musical way). #MusicCollab

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