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Hi! Name's Robyn. Queer ace bunny and proud weirdo at your service.
I like all things creepy (dolls!!), gothic and elegant.
Most of my time goes into playing MMO's like or but I also draw (digitally) and make music, mostly dark and gloomy stuff that fits my Gothic Aesthetic™.
I also like tinkering with

♦ Music example:

♦ Art examples:

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oh nice number.

anyways if i ever reach 666 followers on here i'm gonna do a giveaway, i promise

(btw, I managed to record a small portion of the repaint as video, if it worked out properly so... baby steps to dollrepaint videos happening here!)

probably gonna post said video on youtube (and peertube, later) once I'm done with editing. Prime chance to hear my weird mix of accents.

So, I finally got around to pulling the dollrepaint progress pictures over to my computer but I decided to cut a video instead of posting them separately bc a video gives me the chance to talk about it for a little while and I don't flood the local timeline.

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One of my absolute favorite features of the German language is how new words are built by smashing two or more existing words together until you're satisfied.

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First layer of sealant is drying and honestly.. I think I'm gonna draw inside. It's WAY too hot outside to sit there for longer, concentrating on sth tiny.

It's a fine and sunny day so it's perfect for repainting her for the third time. this time with the proper sealant. i also got out my good camera so the progress shots later today will be extra good!

good news. I just got both packages so LOTSA DOLLREPAINTS INC

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And that's the result of the basic paintjob! My masking wasn't perfect but that's okay, I can fix it later. Super excited by how awesome the sword is already looking! *0*

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I'm calling it "The four stages of painting"
An even black layer because we have to start somewhere. A silver layer because I want the blade to look like metal - at least a bit. A blue layer because that's its primary colour. A whole lot of masking and a golden layer on what is looking like a really shitty christmas present by now!

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Hey, masto artists and comic enthusiasts... I'm interested in having a couple people go over the first chapter of my comic and give some concrit. what I'm mainly looking for feedback on is this:

🔸the layout and storyboarding, how it reads visually, do the panels and the dialogue flow well?

🔸it is coherent, does it make sense what's happening or is too vague? does it work as an introduction to the story, or do I need more exposition?

anyone maybe interested in taking a look?

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New sealant will be there tomorrow and I talked to mom and she said we might still own a small tripod so uh.. I MIGHT be able to record the repainting process this time around. Third time's the charm, right?

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ahhh so... I really hate to do this but I got an unexpected vet bill/visit for my dog. it wracked up to 500$

I'm gonna take ko-fi donations and will sketch anything you request in the ko-fi note! can be OCs, fanart, whatever, all sketches that can be done quickly!

please boost this around if you can!

alright, today i'll work on some comic related stuff to get that out again soon

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thanks for 100+ followers already! the community here is so nice! here's a little giveaway to show my thanks ☆(・ω・*)b

🔸 follow me here @elliemars and
🔸 boost this post

that simple! I'll pick 2 winners let's say... next Friday, June 22nd, at 6pm CST. new followers are also welcome of course! good luck!💚

okay mastodon. I wanna join to upload my music & speedpaints & doll repaints and the like. I just.. am completely overwhelmed by the task of finding an instance to join. I want one with good protection and rules re:nsfw & friendly people, like .art or sth. Any recs?

(The CW makes it sound kinda negative.. BUT IT'S NOT D: )

Rambling about my last boost, it's just kinda lengthy Show more