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2019 Commission Info!!

Everything you need is on these images OR on my website at

No slots, but there may be a waiting list. Also special offers will run out.

🖤 Pls share 💜

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New post for pinning!

Hi! Name's Robyn. Queer ace bunny and proud weirdo at your service.
I like all things creepy (dolls!!), gothic and elegant.
Most of my time goes into playing MMO's like or but I also draw (digitally) and make music, mostly dark and gloomy stuff that fits my Gothic Aesthetic™.
I also like tinkering with

♦ Music example:

♦ Art examples:

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oh nice number.

anyways if i ever reach 666 followers on here i'm gonna do a giveaway, i promise

Would you believe me if I said I accidentally made a patreon?
They'll soon raise their fees for new accounts so I thought it was now or never. And I ended up launching it right away xD
Well, here you go:

Anyone here tried making their own or ? I’m kinda curious on how they are made and any blends that don’t irritate the skin. I want to try and make some during the spring or summer.

Hey friends, my birthday is coming up and I'd like to buy a new tablet for art. Unfortunately I make $8.5USD/hr working at a mall kiosk and most of my income goes towards paying down debt (a lot of it from college) and full price medication as I have no health insurance.

If you'd like to give me a little gift,

If you contribute, DM the email you used (or other proof) and I'll make you a drawing. :)

My favorite #writing exercise to learn about a character is to hand them an orange.

How do they peel it? Do they find a knife (do they carry one?), dig their nails into the rind (what do their nails look like?), or split it open with their thumbs? Do they pull the slices out daintily or chomp down on them? How do they act with juice on their fingers? What do they do with the peels? Throw them on the ground, stack them neatly, fretfully pull them into tiny pieces, or chew on the pith? (etc..)

Went over my soundcloud and set half a dozen wips to public so if you're curious, have a listen~ 💜

lazy ballpoint doodle i did while watching the new queer eye season today

This is Marigold! As you can see, there's nothing she loves more than a dance! :rainbowdance: 🎊 💃

Made in :clip_studio_paint: using one of @FRENDEN's new ink brushes.

#MastoArt #Art #Illustration #Rabbit #DigitalArt #iPadProArt #ClipStudioPaint

it's hard retaining this much arcane Eldritch energy in one physical manifestation but someone's gotta do it

Had an artbreak, that finally is over. Also was tired of "social" media, so I went on a hiatus. Have a quick of my .

I feel like I should clarify that this isn't a commission post looking for customers or something but rather a post asking for input. So I'd appreciate an actual reply more instead of a boost or sth. I mean I also appreciate boosts but they're not as useful as an actual opinion...

Hey everyone, we made a Reference.Pictures pack of hands! 524 high res shots of hands for studies, finished work, etc.

Grab them here for just $3:

So I would like to ask you all a question:
My commissions start at a fairly high price since all of them are with proper colours.
Would anyone be interested in cheaper commissions without colour (e.g. plain sketches) and if so, what kind of prices would you expect to see?

Today I was taught how to carve wood and they allowed me to go wild, so I did all sorts of shenanigans all afternoon! Some queerness, some fanart, some metal!

Unemployed, selling what I have to buy groceries: neoprene and anodized aluminum bracelets, one size fits most, various designs, $20 including USA shipping to #maille #chainmail #jewelry #art #mastoart

A friend of mine is working on a creative collaboration platform and has a short survey they'd love to get responses to, so if you have a minute it would be cool if you responded 🙏 Boosts appreciated!

Today I learned: There is a gender-neutral equivalent to niece and nephew. "Nibling." And it dates back to well before I was born, too! Bonus!

Tell all your enbuddies. I'm sure they'll get a kick out of it. I know I did.

The advantage of short story Comics is that I can plot them out in full in one single day.

sidenote: this looks like about five times as much as it actually is since all acts won't contain more than maybe a few pages and the epilogue definitely only will have one.

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