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Hello I am Chaos. Or Robyn, if that's easier for you.
I'm a nonbinary entity from Germany and I like to draw creepy things. And occasionally cute things I suppose. I also like tinkering with music and .
Apart from that I mostly play MMOs like or or contemplate life's many struggles. I love meeting likeminded people though and talking about OCs so feel free to follow and say hi! 🖤

♦ Music example:

♦ Art examples:

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New Commission post with updated tiers! 💜

All info also on my website at

Boosts appreciated but you can also just tell your grandma. Or your cat. Or alter Ego. Just... tell someone.

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Meet my new character, Ikaros the auric nymph and college of glamour :D

The setting is inspired by ancient Greece. Since constellations in mythology represent major figures, fables, and stories, Ikaros is visiting to find new stories. When he returns to the sky, what he learned will help shape new constellations and bring new stars.

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Androgyny of different fantasy races:

Elf: everyone’s pretty, but has no ass.

Dwarf: everyone’s hairy, but has no ass.

Orc: everyone’s SHREDDED and can crack walnuts between their cheeks.

Tiefling androgyny: Aesthetic™ is the new gender.

Aasimar androgyny: everyone is pretty, but if you ever pull their trousers down your eyes get scorched out by divine light.

Goblin androgyny: you’re small and horrible and you're pretty certain that ‘gender’ was a kind of beetle you ate last week.

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recommendation for interacting with artists and art 

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Hey so, asking this to the fediverse void, what are the best online resources for a beginner wanting to learn #PHP and #MySQL? ★

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I'll post better pics tomorrow, but it's done and I love it so much I can't resist sharing it right away

so right? I might not be on VocaLounge but i wanted to draw one anyways bc that's fun

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full picture i cut out my new avatar from
its me as worm on a string

Soo, we had our first DnD session last night of the campaign I am a player in and uh.
Rest in Peace*, my dear Cinnamon... You pretty pink spark of joy.

*we're (hopefully) getting him back so this is just for now but.. Y'KNOW, BABY STILL DIED

yo, my friend @nightsoverneptune is now on mastodon and he makes really cool music and stuff y'all should take a look.

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Hi! First Post on Mastodon.
I'm Daniel, I'm a musician/pixel artist/hobby chef/rat dad from Vienna/AUT.

I have a solo-project named "Nights Over Neptune", which you can find here:

And I have an 8-Bit Hard Rock-Band called "Furious Feedback", you can find over here:

Feel free to comment, share and follow!

thank u everyone for the lovely replies to this 😭🖤💖💜

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Got a haircut. Feeling better now about the whole gender thing 🖤

(selfie, eye contact)

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HELLO FRIENDS! I thought I’d post over here too that my commissions are open (hopefully that’s okay to make a post of, let me know if not! Details are as follows:

Lots of slots available since this is the last round I’ll open for a year or so! Furries, mechs, and D&D characters ok! Digital, single character, simple background. Prices in USD, turn around by Dec 24.

🔸Sketch Heads: $50
🔹Busts: $150
🔸Full Figures: $250

Email if interested!

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My gender is like a mood ring.

I shift in and out of some without any apparent reason, no one (incl myself) knows what the fuck my appearance even means and sometimes I'm stuck in a colour for weeks at random.

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・:*:・。 ゚・:*:・。 ゚・:*:・。 ゚・:*:・。゚・:*:・ *crunch crunch*・:*:・。 ゚・:*:・。 ゚
:*:・。 *crunch crunch* ゚・:*:・。 ゚。 ゚・:*:・。 ゚ *crunch crunch*・:*:・。 ・。 ・:*:・。 ゚・:*:・ *crunch crunch*。 ゚・:*:・。 ゚・:*:・。 ゚・:*:・。・:*:・。゚・:*:・。

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Finished Illustration of my Tiefling Warlock Cinnamon that I will be playing in an upcoming #DnD campaign ♥
He uh. Likes to burn things.
#mastoart #digitalart #art #creativetoots

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So yeah. I now also have an account at @customarychaos and I'll probably maintain both accounts for a while as I'm not 100% sure if I'm keeping the chaos. I'm 90% sure tho so if you like my stuff feel free to drop a follow over there. I'll probs be around there more often than here.

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