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uhh hi! a bit nervous tbh but willing to test the waters here. name's crow
i'm a 22 yr old neurodivergent nb artist. my main focuses atm are warframe and ocs
i love bright colors and shinies too much for my own good

my favorite pastime is yelling worldbuilding stuff back n forth with my gf

uhhh. gestures. ta-dah

emoji design i did for a toyhouse/twitter friend to get some practice in with clip studio paint!

i was originally gonna keep her, but as i was finishing this i realized i didn't really connect with the design so im gonna sell her off ~

she's $30 USD! i generated her on waifu labs but im charging $30 for the chibi art! ;u;

msg me if interested! <3


you've heard of Abandonment Issues the Clown... now get ready for..... Dependency Issues the Clown

this got approved this morning, so i'm posting it now! c:
another art payment to a toyhouse user in exchange for a design!
the oc was so cute and fun to draw! <3

heyo guys i reached 100 followers on twitter and i'm hosting an art raffle over there to celebrate! 👀

partial nudity 

a very late icon i did as a prize for Pepperly on toyhouse, for winning the oc hunger games! ;;

heya all!
just finished this new for an i'm selling last night, on my new / sale base!
i also made myself a fancy new watermark to use!

you can buy her for $30!
if you're interested in this gal, hmu and i'll toss you my paypal info! she comes with some older doodles as well!

two art payments for Zora on toyhouse, in exchange for a design!
these two boys were a lot of fun to draw ;o;
admittedly i went a bit overboard on the detail, but it was good practice!

For birthday donations/food donations, I also have PayPal, if you prefer to not use commissio!

I'm very hungry and sad :)

I'm starting a donation pool!

I don't have money to eat right now or enjoy my birthday in six days because we've been so swamped with bills, so if you'd like me to do something lowkey, like visit a bookstore or see a scary movie, to celebrate my birthday, or just want to see me not skip meals, donations are appreciated!

Paid our car bills but we have no money for food, and on top of that, my birthday is coming up in six days and I don't have the money to celebrate. So I'll be posting a donation pool once I have access to my computer

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