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uhh hi! a bit nervous tbh but willing to test the waters here. name's crow
i'm a 22 yr old neurodivergent nb artist. my main focuses atm are warframe and ocs
i love bright colors and shinies too much for my own good

my favorite pastime is yelling worldbuilding stuff back n forth with my gf

uhhh. gestures. ta-dah

emoji design i did for a toyhouse/twitter friend to get some practice in with clip studio paint!

i was originally gonna keep her, but as i was finishing this i realized i didn't really connect with the design so im gonna sell her off ~

she's $30 USD! i generated her on waifu labs but im charging $30 for the chibi art! ;u;

msg me if interested! <3


you've heard of Abandonment Issues the Clown... now get ready for..... Dependency Issues the Clown

this got approved this morning, so i'm posting it now! c:
another art payment to a toyhouse user in exchange for a design!
the oc was so cute and fun to draw! <3

heyo guys i reached 100 followers on twitter and i'm hosting an art raffle over there to celebrate! 👀

partial nudity 

finally made an ! her name is Rachtna (pron. RATCHT-nuh)
her Oro warps the bodies she transfers her mind into :')

a very late icon i did as a prize for Pepperly on toyhouse, for winning the oc hunger games! ;;

heya all!
just finished this new for an i'm selling last night, on my new / sale base!
i also made myself a fancy new watermark to use!

you can buy her for $30!
if you're interested in this gal, hmu and i'll toss you my paypal info! she comes with some older doodles as well!

two art payments for Zora on toyhouse, in exchange for a design!
these two boys were a lot of fun to draw ;o;
admittedly i went a bit overboard on the detail, but it was good practice!

light sexual themes 

realized the other night that i hadn't colored any drawings of one of my favorite in a while! ;o;
this be raven, my ! they are super agile & flexible, lol, their wife can appreciate it

current objectives!
- help her pay her car payment
- help her get groceries
- help her have a Decent Birthday

seriously their job isn't paying them above minimum wage and they're really struggling. ;;
things will look up in the near future if all goes well but i wanna help them thru this rough patch!

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