Same drawing but with color using water color pencils.

Inking of my last sketch which represents Coriander making the robot of last Pepper&Carrot episode.
Next step coloring

Tonight's sketch related to last episode of Pepper&Carrot.
Coriander while making the psychlogist robot.

I've added some contrast / shading to my scribble 😃

Doodling / copying some Ranma 1/2 characters

This one could work for drooling and exhausted 😃

Yesterday's sketch for almost inked with some colors. something is wrong on the back of the frog but don't exactly what.

This chicken is doing a roll out in production
(without ink)

A charoal test with a young kangourou. Unfortunately i've too many proportion errors.

Yeterday's sketch a baby fox from a picture (not finished)

Morning sketch. A young monkey from a picture.

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