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"Homme moderne"

Another drawing made with a dip pen and with regular black ink.

The drawing is some kind of metaphor of the modern (hu)man and its relation to our capitalist system, but like every drawing that i did, you can pretty much see everything in it.

If someone's feeling bold, :helpdescribe:

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Patching suckless programs is fun. The only problem is that you have to quit dwm and re-startx to get into the newly compiled version, having a "restart dwm" keybind would be nice. And the hacky scripts didn't work for me.

Abandoned train station.

(Wow, looks like a serious picture)

The state and tyranny.

(The word tyranny used as per one of the french meanings, an oppressive and violent authority)

Making better images when toying with a computer than when really trying to create something that might evoke some emotions to someone.

Yes, it's someone that is about to jump in the first picture. There are signs everywhere telling you not to but when i was at this place today, 4 different people jumped.

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Sometimes, traveling 20km is all you need to feel like you've traveled through half of the world.

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