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Hey ! I'm Nicola, computer science student who sometimes makes pixel art and games. Hope you'll like my work :)

My very first professional work with pixels. I'm always in love with this PFP.

Painted a study for today's . What do you think? It's pretty fun drawing something that's not meant to be for uni for a change.

A Mockup from a Game Boy Advance project I worked on in the early 2000s. The half burried bell was never used. You can download the prototype demo of this game, to use with a GBA emulator or Flashcart here:

child abandonment and body horror 

Here is the I made back in 2019 for the cancelled .
They are based on illustrations I was provided as reference, and aren't full screen artworks as the game was intended to be a visual novel fleshing out a multi-platform and game franchise universe.

Content warning for child abandonment and body horror.

Starstruck! スターストラック!
I hope you like my cloud series! :)
If so then do support! it'd really mean a lot to me.

Also I made a Librapay account if anyone for some reason desires to support me? It'll allow me to save up for online art classes to improve my craft!
(not sure how it works, hope I did it right, hehe)

I also have Ko-fi, Patreon and a shop if that's more your thing!

For some reason I'm finding Mastodon to be more sincere than Twitter, plus finally being able to see the work of the people I follow is great lol

So many new follows! Thank you.

I have a backlog of works posted elsewhere to toot. Here goes..

Scrolling GIF. NES displayable graphics. While the top (with the moon) is a scroll-split, a few of the lowest stars are sprites to make it seem as if the two strips of background are overlapping. (There are no background layers on the NES. This is one way to overcome that. )

adding benches to take you back to the start of the level, so you can look for any secrets you missed 'w'

Another pixelart landscape for Amiga 500
320x256px 32 colors, made in grafx2 (with mouse ;) )
inspired by Chinese Nature Park landscapes

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