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Here we are, facial recognition is considered a public danger. A technology anyone can deploy with stuff laying about the house. The 3rd most popular site is literally called "Facebook" so it's not like you need to go outside.

Calls for regulation, but that can hardly work since transgressions are invisible. Plust gov'ts are hardly likely to regulate police and partners (Amazon, Google, Microsoft) meaningfully.


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so since mastodon is dying, heres a list of sites to join!:
- myspace
- farmersonly.com
- wizard101
- crouton.net
- tumblr

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My new cognitive dissonance scale starts with people who brag on social media how non-conformist they are and ends with those who self-identify as 'vaccine-hesitant'.

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what #adult oriented #mastodon instances are there for #tumblr refugees ? I know switter.at and kinky.business. any others ? #followerpower

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There is plenty of valid criticism about #Apple.

But I think it’s important to keep something clear in this #Tumblr discussion: Apple didn’t remove Tumblr from the App Store because of NSFW. There were a bunch of reports about child porn.

Considering Tumblr’s new parent company is Verizon, this NSFW ban was unfortunately inevitable. Verizon wants to branch out to become a big ad-based media company, and that means rules like this usually show up sooner or later.


[ISO] 1) Work around that lets me export from Affinity Designer to PSD with editable text, or 2) some product (other than adobe) that lets me export to PSD with editable text.

Frustrated designer

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In hidden identity games, I am always the cylon werewolf saboteur

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i've found it can be hard to find high quality buy buttons for your music website so made these ones for anyone free and ok to use #mastomusic

“A message to all artists out there! By creating art, you are an artist. There’s no milestone you have to hit or skill level you need to be at. You can draw once every few years or finish writing a chapter a week. You can crochet goods only for your family or sell your music to hundreds. Nothing qualifies or disqualifies you, so you are most definitely an artist. 🎨✨”

Source: chibird.com/post/177356665489/

I never realized how many weird or useless books I had in my digital library until today, when I began organizing them.

A friendly reminder to your data 😎

Also, shout out to @nextcloud <3

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We support RSS/Atom feeds.

That means you can follow any pixelfed account from your favourite RSS reader!
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I have a bunch of anatomical drawings that I’m going to make into a workbook. Not sure if I want to refine them with pen or make them digital 🤔

I am someone who *loves* to organize information. It's a WIP, but checkout my resume template. Feedback is welcomed! :)


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I just had one of those lightbulb moments where I noticed something odd I really like about the culture of .

There are very few *meaningless* selfies.

When I see someone post a picture of themselves here, it's with an explanation of intent. They share a specific moment or story, use the act to help heal some past trauma, or create some interesting art.

No one seems to be 'wasting' pixels here. No one screaming, 'look at me!'

I had no idea how much I appreciated it until just now.

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