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Anybody have tips for being inspired and coming up with ideas? Art block has stopped me from doing much of anything for the last six years.

Wanted to see if I still had animation talent. Not sure why I chose to animate to audio of JoeysWorldTour dry heaving of all things, but I'm legit proud of how this came out.

I was going to redo this but never got around to it. So I'm just gonna re-upload it. (Warning: Mildly NSFW Humor)

I want to dislike Apple but the Pencil is one of the smoothest drawing experiences I've ever had. Now I kinda need one. Damn it.

Started experimenting with After Effects a couple days ago. Figured out some pretty cool lighting tricks!

Back on this older account of mine! I just couldn't get used to the newer name, I've been going by "ugit" for years.

Didn't expect to be redesigning Pam last night but here we are. And now she's adorable.

Sometimes I like drawing fucked up versions of other cartoons.

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Concept art for a hypothetical video game about low-gravity shotgun battles.

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Fixed my issue from last night, turns out all I needed was an old Wacom driver.

...I'm keeping the picture tho, there's still a lot of other things I don't like about Windows 10.

Had to reinstall Windows multiple times, and yet my Cintiq driver is still more busted than it was before. I swear if it wasn't for Adobe and games, I would have switched to Linux by now.

Wanted to try a more extreme cartoony expression on Pam.

Is there a PeerTube instance that's good for animators? I don't want to support YouTube and Vimeo just wants my money.

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