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Seeing as how Tumblr's starting to pretty much die, now's a good time for me to repost my because I sort of parodied Tumblr in it. (Warning: NSFW)

@parasurv Not weird at all! Miami-colors are fantastic, especially on keyboards.

A whole buncha art trades for some people on "that other site".

Here's an in-joke for my bros on

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Needed a new avatar for spooky month. Everything's alright in Heaven I guess.

Of course I had to do a version of Pam.

..Also fuck insomnia.

@katwylder I've heard great things about Huion's Inspiroy H950P. The active area seems to be comparable to a medium Intuos, and it appears to have tilt.

Oh hey, even more Pam. I think I've settled on a body type for her that I like; it makes it easier to draw more expressive poses.

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Broke: Using MS Paint ironically.
Woke: Using Microsoft Fine Artist ironically.

Tfw you set out to make a cartoon over half a decade ago and have still yet to actually do so.

Oh, and I'd be missing an opportunity if I didn't call this piece, "Flans Without Labels".

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