Oh hey, even more Pam. I think I've settled on a body type for her that I like; it makes it easier to draw more expressive poses.

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Broke: Using MS Paint ironically.
Woke: Using Microsoft Fine Artist ironically.

Tfw you set out to make a cartoon over half a decade ago and have still yet to actually do so.

Oh, and I'd be missing an opportunity if I didn't call this piece, "Flans Without Labels".

Intuos/non-LCD-tablet users: Would getting a larger tablet improve how accurately I can draw?

I actually quite liked "Happytime Murders". It's not gonna win any awards but I still thought it was pretty funny!

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Anybody have tips for being inspired and coming up with ideas? Art block has stopped me from doing much of anything for the last six years.

Wanted to see if I still had animation talent. Not sure why I chose to animate to audio of JoeysWorldTour dry heaving of all things, but I'm legit proud of how this came out.

I was going to redo this but never got around to it. So I'm just gonna re-upload it.

share.tube/videos/watch/6dde77 (Warning: Mildly NSFW Humor)

I want to dislike Apple but the Pencil is one of the smoothest drawing experiences I've ever had. Now I kinda need one. Damn it.

Started experimenting with After Effects a couple days ago. Figured out some pretty cool lighting tricks!

Back on this older account of mine! I just couldn't get used to the newer name, I've been going by "ugit" for years.

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