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Is there any easy way to change my username here on Mastodon? I sorta want to rebrand but I don't wanna make a new account. 😕

Didn't expect to be redesigning Pam last night but here we are. And now she's adorable.

Sometimes I like drawing fucked up versions of other cartoons.

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Concept art for a hypothetical video game about low-gravity shotgun battles.

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Fixed my issue from last night, turns out all I needed was an old Wacom driver.

...I'm keeping the picture tho, there's still a lot of other things I don't like about Windows 10.

Had to reinstall Windows multiple times, and yet my Cintiq driver is still more busted than it was before. I swear if it wasn't for Adobe and games, I would have switched to Linux by now.

Wanted to try a more extreme cartoony expression on Pam.

Is there a PeerTube instance that's good for animators? I don't want to support YouTube and Vimeo just wants my money.

I think I'm finally getting good at animating.

Learning to paint in the style of those close-ups from Ren and Stimpy.

Forgot to post this traditional doodle as well.

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I've also been learning a bit of Blender recently! Just found out how to use the Cycles renderer. Takes a long time to export anything but damn does it look nice.

Just a few things I drew while I was away from Mastodon.

New ideas have popped into my head recently. They may or may not involve maids.

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Commissions are open

$20 for an inked piece
$10 for sketches

I'm trying to save up for a computer so I can do more digital art