@PorrurenGrabatokia the root problem here is the source. We would recommend to not use the pending cdimage as it is not guaranteed to work. The latest image to test can be found in the "current" release page:


The beta of Ubuntu Studio 20.04 LTS releases next week. More testers = more bugs squashed = a stable the final release. Are you ready to help with testing?



If you are looking to change your windows 7 installation as artist, why not go with Linux?

Linux is free of cost and will always have support for your computer. Really, it has never been a better time to make the switch! 😁

Here are two types of linuxes that might grab your attention:

1. @elementary elementary.io/

2. @ubuntustudio ubuntustudio.org/

Ubuntu Studio will be phasing out Telegram replacing it with Matrix bridges for support and user channels.


Ubuntu Studio 19.10 beta is out. OBS Studio is now installed by default, Raysession replaces missing ladish funtionality. There is also new audio plugins from the Linux Studio Project and improvements to the Ubuntu Studio controls.


And if you do video stuff, audio stuff or visual art stuff, maybe even professionally I'd recommend trying @ubuntustudio

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June 2019 updates for Ubuntu Studio: New features toward the next release and backport, and the upcoming end of life for 18.10.


Finally started updating my UbuntuStudio machine. Let's see if I can revitalize this one and make it my dedicated recording machine. #linuxaudio #ubuntu #ubuntustudio

@frju365 hey @ubuntustudio you know anyone that would want to maintain this great open source alternative to Adobe AfterEffects?

Ubuntu Studio 19.04 Disco Dingo is now released!

This version comes with several changes, including a new installer that allows you to add Ubuntu Studio as a multimedia toolkit on top of an existing Ubuntu flavor, Carla 2.0, and and improvements to the Ubuntu Studio Controls.


Ubuntu Studio updates in February 2019 

a quick set from saturday.
Deviant Phunk, funky 🅱️ ass 🅱️ eats.

this is was an outdoor event, people drinking and having a chat. i'm usually not that still/stiff.

so don't watch me, rather play it in the background while you rock it.


\cc @ubuntustudio @basspistol

Just discovered this article about the band called Lorenzo's Music which is a and band that decided as a challenge to create their album using only open source with the OS @ubuntustudio

Pretty great stuff. Here is the article: forbes.com/sites/jasonevangelh

I've also decided to mirror these guys on share.tube so that we can have their creative commons stuff on too. @lorenzosmirror

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