@ubuntustudio I am not an audiophile, but pulse audio drives me nuts with all the issues and latency. Also, I am very often on conference calls, my condenser Audio-Technica microphone sounds great but really picks up every sound in the house.
With Carla and LSP plug-ins, I can tweak my input audio as much as i want, without lag. Compressor, noise gate, and all other very nice plugins are just too good.

Once you JACK, you can't go back!


I use Ubuntu Studio for music production & performance 🎹🎶🔊 as well as day to day (creative) use because so many tools are at your fingertips! It makes a great environment and is well preconfigured.

All my tracks on SoundCloud are made with Ubuntu Studio and Bitwig:

@ubuntustudio Since 2018 for all everyday tasks, mostly programming and 3d design, installed into external ssd in live mode with persisstent partition. Trully hardware independent.

@ubuntustudio Recording, editing and mixing music. With plasma becoming the default DE Ubuntu Studio is going to be my daily driver for programming as well.


Pretty much everything.

But especially video and audio editing for teaching. Recording and spicing up lectures. OBS Studio into the zoom zoom (not my choice for video chat program, but there it is).

And also everything else: writing, coding, web, drawing, recording music.

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