The beta of Ubuntu Studio 20.04 LTS releases next week. More testers = more bugs squashed = a stable the final release. Are you ready to help with testing?

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Hi, I've been installing US 20.04 by some weeks, I've even done a video about it, which is in

Now, when I try to install it from, as I did before, I'm not able.
There occurs a problem: /casper/vmlinuz not found

In fact, there's no vmlinuz now (there's vmlinuz-lowlatency). But in previous days, at the second week of march 2020, it didn't show that message.

It would be grate to know how to solve this problem, or informing you about it.


@PorrurenGrabatokia the root problem here is the source. We would recommend to not use the pending cdimage as it is not guaranteed to work. The latest image to test can be found in the "current" release page:

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