@ubuntustudio you might want to remove the Google+ link from it. ;)
The consumer version of #GooglePlus got shutdown back in April 2019, and #GPlus is now only still available for #GSuite members. Judging by the 404 I get from the Google+ link on the #UbuntuStudio website, you were using just a regular consumer account. :)

@ubuntustudio would you mind linking the page you found the link in? I thought we removed all references to it. :)

@eylul it was on the news post's page, under Places, along with the Facebook and Twitter links, but I see that you've found it already, since it's gone now :)

Might it be an idea to add a link to the @ubuntustudio Mastodon profile instead? :)


@ubuntustudio oh I see. :) Thanks very much for reporting that and yes I will add it up when I get on the computer. (or see if I can make it directly pull from the same menu as the social media links at the bottom)

@eylul @ubuntustudio
it does look like there is still a meta-data reference to Google+ in the source btw:
$ curl ubuntustudio.org/news/ | grep -i google
<link rel='publisher' href='plus.google.com/10212577789270' />

Probably leftover from when Google used Google+ profiles for its Google Search authorship snippets.

@ubuntustudio Just wanted to say I finally installed the Ubuntu Studio OS on a machine to avoid having to configure Jack and individually research a bunch of audio stuff -- it's been great! Thanks for this wonderful resource! I've learned a whole host of new tools and skills just by having things pre-installed!

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