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PSA: Ubuntu Studio 20.10 reaches END-OF-LIFE on Thursday, July 22nd. If you have not upgraded to 21.04 already, UPGRADE IMMEDIATELY using the instructions provided on the release notes. See ubuntustudio.org for more information.

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@ubuntustudio since you guys are working hard on this amazing distribution, I thought to do my part to spread some love.

@MichaelTunnell thank you for your great help on this one!

Congratulation for the switch to Plasma! The theming on your screenshots is really good too. This is for sure the next distro I'll give a try. 👍

Hey makers!

We know many people use the extension (gcodetools), which we have improved and updated to python3.

We need testers to check everything is still right!

Please go to chat.inkscape.org/channel/inks, so we can help you get started with testing.

Let's work together to make 1.0 a good release for makers ;)

(please boost to reach other makers, thanks!)

Get ready to unleash your creativity with @ubuntustudio! Now with KDE's Plasma desktop, it has everything you need for a creative workstation right out of the box. Kdenlive, @krita , pro audio tools, and more!


Pretty much everything.

But especially video and audio editing for teaching. Recording and spicing up lectures. OBS Studio into the zoom zoom (not my choice for video chat program, but there it is).

And also everything else: writing, coding, web, drawing, recording music.

@ubuntustudio My wrap up article on my adventurrs in the world of linux audio is on FPL.
Special thanks to @MichaelTunnell for his patience and help.

We just relaunched our merchandise shop: the Ubuntu Studio Marketplace! Find a much broader selection than ever before! 15% off for the next two weeks! ubuntustudio.spreadshirt.com

Just found this old tutorial on how to install Ubuntu Studio 7.04 (we had no live CD). We've come a LONG WAY! howtoforge.com/ubuntustudio_7.

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