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a quick set from saturday.
Deviant Phunk, funky 🅱️ ass 🅱️ eats.

this is was an outdoor event, people drinking and having a chat. i'm usually not that still/stiff.

so don't watch me, rather play it in the background while you rock it.


\cc @ubuntustudio @basspistol

Just discovered this article about the band called Lorenzo's Music which is a and band that decided as a challenge to create their album using only open source with the OS @ubuntustudio

Pretty great stuff. Here is the article: forbes.com/sites/jasonevangelh

I've also decided to mirror these guys on share.tube so that we can have their creative commons stuff on too. @lorenzosmirror

Lots of cool changes to come in the Cosmic Cuttlefish release of Ubuntu Studio :ubuntustudio: - One of which is the addition of KDE Plasma as an alternative desktop environment!



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