My favorite rose is in bloom: Rosa chinensis 'Viridiflora' Also called "The Green Rose". It's a mutant that lost its ability to properly make a flower. On dissection, it's an infinitely recursive set of leaf-like sepals. It cannot reproduce on its own. It's been hand propagated through cuttings over several centuries. It is one unique specimen carried through time solely by people that find it fascinating. I believe it was first documented in Western Culture in the 1700s.

@twobraids That's incredibly fascinating – I've never heard about this one before. You're perfect the way you are, little rose. I hope people will never stop cultivating them.

@twobraids do you know please where i can read more about this plant? thank you.

@twobraids reminds me of the succulent plant I have but the plant itself looks like a flower. Darnit, it was in bloom and I should have taken a pic of it weeks ago.

@DaddysBoy1980 Our original plant of this died in the great freeze of 2015. We bought a replacement for it from: There are rose groups online that might share cuttings.

@twobraids “carried through time solely by people that find it fascinating”

It’s an open-source rose 💚

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