Because it doesn't happen very often, I celebrate every time somebody purchases one of my maze prints.

This is the maze called "Drought". I started drawing it during the wildfires of 2020. We were confined in our home as the air outside was over-the-top hazardous with smoke and 4mm of ash settled on every surface outside. I drew as I waited to hear the evacuation order that, thankfully, never came.

@twobraids Beautiful! I used to love to draw mazes when I was a kid - none so elaborate at this though!

We've been dealing with wildfires for the last few years as well (northern California). I love that you turned the anxiety around that into something beautiful!

@twobraids fascinating! Are your mazes "solvable" (do they have an entrance and only 1 way out)?

@phanjam yes, my mazes all have exactly one path between any two points within the pathways. When I draw my mazes, I follow a strict algorithm that ensures it. However, when finishing, I prove it. See my technique at:

@phanjam you can see an animation of one of my mazes solving itself (using a slime mold algorithm) on youtube:

@twobraids my goodness. Thats truly beautiful and also, humbling

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