typical American atheist: how can you be a secular Jew?

secular Jew: do you celebrate Christmas and Easter?

typical American atheist: yes

secular Jew: so it's exactly like that, except with Jewish holidays and culture

typical American atheist: but that's religious... help, i can't comprehend this

secular Jew: so i'm a secular Jew in the same sense that you're a secular Christian

typical American atheist: i'm not a secular Christian. i'm just a normal American atheist.

secular Jew: but you celebrate Christmas and Easter

typical American atheist: yeah but those are secular holidays

secular Jew: they're religious holidays that you observe in a secular way for cultural reasons, your culture being Christian

typical American atheist: no, my culture is atheist


@kittybecca Obligatory remark that celebrating the shortest day in the year wasn't originally a christian thing. And also, social/family/peer pressure.

@turion It's not about why you do it; in this thread I've elaborated as to why I maintain connection to Judaism and it has nothing to do with God. It's about cultural normativity. Commemorating Christian holidays isn't culturally neutral; it's not "just being a normal person."

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