@JPEG What, you have to pay for a Mastodon app on iOS? Not sure whether I should laugh or cry.

@disrupted Very serious. Mastodon is open source, decentralised and free. It's about taking social networks away from corporations.Tons of great free open source clients exist on android. But on iOS, apparently users don't care if they're still asked to pay? It's like someone asks you to pay for looking at a rainbow.

@turion @disrupted Isn't it like the difference between "free as in freedom" and "free as in beer"? Like, Mastodon is free as in freedom, but it doesn't need to be free as in beer?

Now, of course, @turion , you are totally right about competing with corporate social networks, which are eminently free as in beer. However, I do not personally see an issue with paying for a good free as in freedom app to access a free as in freedom social network.
@scolobb @turion @disrupted

There's however a trust issue in paying for a *proprietary* software, instead of a libre software. A proprietary frontend to mastodon could be a problem. Although, this is not immediately connected to whether you pay for it.

@scolobb @disrupted I'm completely fine with paying developers for a free as in freedom app. I regularly pay e.g. developers for their amazing work. But that app doesn't seem to be free as in freedom.

@turion @disrupted Indeed it seems to be distributed under a private license, you're right.
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