I'm afraid that #solarpunk is too western, white and focused on fiction to make a change. People prefer fetishizing #burningman aesthetics to noticing the real changemakers around the world.

Have you heard about globalinnovationgathering.org ? Its a network of hackers from Africa, Middle East, South America and Southeast Asia. They do things some solarpunk writers only imagine, but there is little interest in that in the West.

Why not start #SolarpunkReporting ?


@alxd Me, white male cis living in Berlin, positively thrilled to read about this :star_eyes:. Then scrolled down to the contact section. Turns out their office is around the corner here...


Im a member of GIG as well, meeting every year at #republika in Berlin.

Please dont treat the people there as messiahs, but you will get a lot of stories, perspectives and really valuable contacts to people doing stuff on the ground.

Also some disillusionment as to what the West is doing to "help".

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