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I'm a , functional programmer (, , , soon , user) and (differential topology, ).

Arts-wise, I love to do (have a look at and .

My philosophical and ethical viewpoints: I love and sentient beings a lot, I'm and . I think that, second to our ability to feel, our creativity is what makes us most valuable.

Meine Mama so: „Eigentlich finde ich Facebook ja doof. Das kann auch weg.“

„JAAAA!!! Machen wir.“

„Hier steht ‚Konto deaktivieren‘.“

„Nein. Klick mal hier: Löschen.“

War ganz einfach.


Ffs, if you're still searching through Google - please don't. There are DuckDuckGo, Ecosia, Startpage, SearX and in almost all cases it's enough. If you really can't find something, switching to Google search is one "!g" away in DuckDuckGo.

I've seen a few people complain that the black hole picture is a waste, that humanity has our environment or povery or whatever else as a far far more immediate pressing matter than to take a photo that is 'an orange smear'.

The issue at hand here isn't science funding, the issue at hand is the total structure of industrial capitalism. If you cut astronomy funding to 0, how much do you think of that would go towards social projects? How much would go towards sustainable degrowth? How much would go towards ANYTHING that goes against tje ideological principles of neoliberal capitalism.

On the contrary, there are people who find a deep romantic wonder and an inherent artistic value in things like this. People finding wonder in the world, being humbled by the nature and otherness of it is a beautiful way to look at the world. Don't light your torches at astronomy, capitalism is your issue

Hello there!

If you enjoy #Funkwhale and want to support us, we accept donations on our #OpenCollective page. The money will pay hosting fees and project contributors :)

If financial donations are not an option for you, there are plenty other ways to give back to the project!

there is something sad and ironic about making #art that relies on proprietary platforms to be enjoyable


Sind alle total verrückt geworden? Ich fahre gerade zu nem Vortrag über Vorbeugung von Rechtsradikalismus und muss Angst um die Zukunft meiner Tochter haben. Und ihr Diskutiert, ob man nicht mal die Rechtsradikalen in Posten wählen sollte, weil sie sonst beleidigt sind????


Microsoft is shutting down its ebook store, and deleting all its customers' libraries:

The only reason they can do this is DRM, which means you never really own anything you've paid for.

Physical books are the most obvious alternative, but there are also DRM-free ebook shops. @libreture has a good selection here:

You can find more book-related alternatives here:

(via @yogthos )

#eBooks #Books #Bookshops #Bookstores

Your daily data leak:

"540 million Facebook users' data exposed by third party developers"

Go ask yourself:

Am I really still using Facebook? Aren't I just worried I might miss out on some big news from old friends? But are my friends even still posting anything? Haven't we all moved on to other messengers nowadays?

Maybe it's easier and less painful to delete your account than you thought?

Frankly, at this point Facebook looks like a badly maintained graveyard to me. My friends abandoned it and the only thing I still get to see are posts (ads) by companies I barely care about.

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