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How does this translate to art? My point is that art is also a form of communication.

We make and consume art for two reasons:

First, yes, also because it's pleasant. Beautifully played music, a well-done painting etc., they're all worthwile in themselves. We like art because it contains ARTISANRY. This is the part that AIs can do well, and are quickly getting better at.

Second, because there is a human being at the other end. Because through art, we are communicating.

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Imagine an AI reads past newspapers and can produce realistic-looking newspaper artists. Is that AI obsoleting newspapers?


Because something crucial is missing: The connection to the real world. We don't want to read newspapers because of the way they are written. We want to read them because they tell us about things that other people have observed in the real world.

At most, an AI can help a human journalist to write the actually relevant content in a pleasant format.

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All that talk that AI can produce art and will soon surpass human artists is cargo cult bullshit.

True, they create music that sounds somewhat like Bach, pictures that look somewhat like van Gogh, they may even put a lot of people in the art business out of work. But that's irrelevant to the question.

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Since some time I wanted to write a series of commentary/pitches/kudos/toots on I love.

Now is the time I'm actually going to start. I'll keep going every week on Wednesday and post another toot on a great !

If you love webcomics and graphic novels, listen in. I'll cover The Meek, Gunnerkrigg Court and Unsounded, just to name a few. You might learn about a few new, beautiful webcomics! To find all reviews I've written so far, just search for this hashtag:

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It's time for .

I'm a , functional programmer (, , , soon , user) and (differential topology, ).

Arts-wise, I love to do (have a look at and .

My philosophical and ethical viewpoints: I love and sentient beings a lot, I'm and . I think that, second to our ability to feel, our creativity is what makes us most valuable.

Surfing existed in ancient Peruvian cultures, which used reed watercraft since 200 CE; in 1590, a Jesuit missionary commented, "They looked like Tritons, or Neptunes, who paint upon the water"

Original tweet :

Radio an. "Friedrich Merz geht es offenbar darum, die Partei handlungsfähig zu halten".

Anderen Sender an.

Ihm geht es um sich und um Macht.

Pandemic, positive 

Managed to crowd source PPE for the entire street here (and a few more locals) with 3 masks each, visors, and disposable masks/gloves for people who have healthcare visitors. Enough disinfectant/sanitiser to last the winter, at the very least.
It's disappointing that an area as high risk as this (sheltered accommodation, so sick and elderly people) weren't given any help beyond someone checking on them once a week.

"Um das Volk zu beruhigen, versuchten die Behörden (...) zunächst, die ersten Anzeichen eines Seuchenausbruchs herunterzuspielen –(...) ging es den Herrschenden darum, die Bewohner bei Laune zu halten, Unruhen zu vermeiden und der Wirtschaft möglichst wenig zu schaden."
Auszug aus einem Artikel über die Pest 1348 in Europa.

Finished an accidental project lol, here's my fantasy forest full of dragons and a magical lake #art #brynndraws #mastoart

favorite childhood memory is of not having all my personal information leaked by a corporation that used to own a company that I bought socks from 6 years ago

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