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It's time for .

I'm a , functional programmer (, , , soon , user) and (differential topology, ).

Arts-wise, I love to do (have a look at and .

My philosophical and ethical viewpoints: I love and sentient beings a lot, I'm and . I think that, second to our ability to feel, our creativity is what makes us most valuable.

Show HN: Free and Open Source home for art made with shaders, canvas, P5JS

(submitted by antoineMoPa)

Bertrand Russell’s Advice For How (Not) to Grow Old.

"Make Your Interests Gradually Wider and More Impersonal"

hot tip to all the youngsters out there: as much as we all love the "sarcastic asshole with a heart of gold" trope, most people aren't really like that.

If someone in your life is consistently an asshole, don't stick around trying to see if he's secretly deep down a sweetheart. If they can't be nice to you from the get-go then they're almost certainly not worth it.

I'm a keyboard player, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and producer (in various combinations) with bands like Patchwork Cacophony, Gandalf's Fist, Broken Parachute and Fusion Orchestra 2.

I'm also (in my other life) a software developer and strong advocate of Open Source, open standards, and building systems that work for and empower users, not for corporations, which is why I'm here.

#introductions #smusintro

Upcoming feature alert!

Add audio uploads

In the wake of the Tumblr exodus, Gargron is adding audio to Mastodon!

In the same way that we can upload videos and photos to Mastodon, we'll soon be able to record an audio file and upload it for followers.

If you're excited for this, click through to the URL above and add your 👍!

#mastodon #meta #github

Today we celebrate #HumanRightsDay. Passed exactly 70 years ago, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights memorializes the basic notion that fundamental freedoms, including privacy, expression, and access to information, are essential for people all over the world.

We must defend and protect the universal human rights to privacy and freedom online. Tor is critical in this fight.

Please donate today to help protect the rights of internet users worldwide.

"Je mehr #Software jeden einzelnen Aspekt unseres Lebens bestimmt, desto wichtiger wird, dass #Programmierer Stellung beziehen und dafür sorgen, dass #Ethik in jeder unserer #Code zeilen zu finden ist."

Der Code, für den ich mich immer noch schäme via @humpaaa

RT Perspective matters ...

krzyzis - Degrowth, my climate collapse expression album (one of how many?), has been out for a month now and I want to thank you all for the support and warm feedback. Means a lot. Thank you all.

<3 🐈🐸⛄️👩‍🌾🎓🧣🌂☂️🕶️🥽🐰🙈🙉🙊

#music #ambient #darkambient #ecology #degrowth #experimental #electronic #synth #drone #avantegarde #atmospheric #soundscape

@turion yeah the only saving grace here is that Chromium is at least open source. I do think that the article raises a valid concern that Google has too much control over the web. They're already pushing things like AMP, and it's only gonna get worse.

I switched to Firefox precisely because I want to support the only alternative that's out there.

We Are Updating Our Occult Privacy Policy

At some point in the last few years, we have:

) Viewed you through a scrying pool and/or mirror
) Crafted a double of you from blood and willpower and used it to manipulate your moods and actions and/or
) Sunk into a dark liquid pool, then rose again to the surface but the surface was your eyes, through which we saw all you saw, thought as you thought, as intimate as breath.

Due to new legislation, now we have to ask:
Can we keep doing all that?

I will burn a MILLION favourites and reposts to fix a typographical error. I will walk into hell itself wearing shoes constructed of matchbooks to hunt the typographical error to its very nest.

But I will NEVER just take a moment to reread a post before sending it out into the world to catch the error in the first place. This is my solemn vow, etched in fire on my shining soul.

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