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How does this translate to art? My point is that art is also a form of communication.

We make and consume art for two reasons:

First, yes, also because it's pleasant. Beautifully played music, a well-done painting etc., they're all worthwile in themselves. We like art because it contains ARTISANRY. This is the part that AIs can do well, and are quickly getting better at.

Second, because there is a human being at the other end. Because through art, we are communicating.

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Imagine an AI reads past newspapers and can produce realistic-looking newspaper artists. Is that AI obsoleting newspapers?


Because something crucial is missing: The connection to the real world. We don't want to read newspapers because of the way they are written. We want to read them because they tell us about things that other people have observed in the real world.

At most, an AI can help a human journalist to write the actually relevant content in a pleasant format.

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All that talk that AI can produce art and will soon surpass human artists is cargo cult bullshit.

True, they create music that sounds somewhat like Bach, pictures that look somewhat like van Gogh, they may even put a lot of people in the art business out of work. But that's irrelevant to the question.

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Since some time I wanted to write a series of commentary/pitches/kudos/toots on I love.

Now is the time I'm actually going to start. I'll keep going every week on Wednesday and post another toot on a great !

If you love webcomics and graphic novels, listen in. I'll cover The Meek, Gunnerkrigg Court and Unsounded, just to name a few. You might learn about a few new, beautiful webcomics! To find all reviews I've written so far, just search for this hashtag:

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It's time for .

I'm a , functional programmer (, , , soon , user) and (differential topology, ).

Arts-wise, I love to do (have a look at and .

My philosophical and ethical viewpoints: I love and sentient beings a lot, I'm and . I think that, second to our ability to feel, our creativity is what makes us most valuable.

Ein Gespräch mit Ex-Außenminister Joschka Fischer (Grüne) über seine Partei, den Wahlkampf und die künftige Außenpolitik der Bundesrepublik. Ex-Außenminister Joschka Fischer: „Die 60er-Wahlkämpfe waren härter“

The on and off buttons were from binary numbering system where “0” is off and “1” is on. So to create the universal power symbol, “0” and “1” were combined to make the power button symbol.

Original tweet :

A Brief, Incomplete, and Mostly Wrong History of Programming Languages (2009)

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Something that turns sound into a nerve impulse.
Here is an electron microscopy of an amazing creation of nature. These are the hair cells of the inner ear, mechanical receptors that translate the vibrations of the environment into an action potential. It is with their help that we hear.

You should regularly. It's good for your teeth. Sometimes it's even like a second meal

computers are rocks we tricked ourselves into thinking they could think

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StreetComplete: Easy to use editor of OpenStreetMap data

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Ich bin dann mal wieder auf Jobsuche! Ich wurde sehr kurzfristig zur Probezeit gekündigt.

Wenn jemand eine Software-Entwicklerstelle in Mainz und Umgebung (C/C++/Ruby/Python/embedded) empfehlen kann, würde ich mich sehr freuen!

Aber worauf ich mich jetzt ganz doll* freue?

Die Agentur für Arbeit 😩


#TIL The #Brainfuck programming language has a dialect called "I use Arch, btw". In this dialect, the original symbols are replaced with "I", "use", "arch", "linux", "btw", "by", "the", "way". #Arch #ArchLinux

This is a "Hello World!" example:

arch the i the use linux the way i arch the i arch arch arch i the arch arch arch arch arch arch arch arch arch arch arch i way the i way linux the use way i linux way way arch arch arch arch arch arch arch arch arch arch use way i i i i i i linux linux linux linux btw use use arch arch arch btw use linux btw btw arch arch arch btw use linux btw i i i btw use use btw arch arch arch btw linux linux linux linux linux linux btw i linux btw use use arch btw use btw

Do you want to Ask the #OpenStreetMap Foundation Board Anything? We're running a panel Q&A discussion at State of the Map ( in a few weeks.
More details here (& how to ask a Q):

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