To use 's functionality, you kind of have to know how the system works anyway, and it didn't seem too difficult, plus I was getting really inspired and excited watching all those storyboard videos, so I took the plunge to animate the character I've been working on.

No inbetweening yet, but I think it turned out decent! Animation is really time-consuming, but the results are also very satisfying!

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So, I've been doing storyboards for a client project, and it was my first time messing around with 's feature, and I've also been watching quite a few vids on camera movement and storyboarding and .

Conclusion: it really sucks how troublesome this is for the average user, and that the default mode of interacting with the tech so dominant in people's lives is what it is. :/

(and I still need to spend more time switching out Android...)

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Was doing something else then got sidetracked by some , but was worth it.

Have already been using ProtonMail (vs Gmail), Firefox (vs Chrome), and Ecosia (vs Google Search) for a while (of course as far as security/privacy/ethical considerations go, there are still caveats for each)

Youtube (mobile) - NewPipe
Youtube (desktop) -> FreeTube
Google Play -> F-droid
Google Maps -> OSMAnd+
Google Translate -> DeepL

Also gonna try out metager

If I'm going to invest anything, I'd invest in this whole vision of the and bs going to shit.

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The rest of the article continues on in a similarly vague and hand-wavy fashion. The only significant thing to note is that lots of companies are" jumping on the bandwagon" and you should "be aware of the risks" but "continue paying attention to the metaverse". Absolutely no critical analysis in that entire 2 page spread of what the whole damn thing is actually built on and what it entails, and whose ideologies and agendas are being promulgated by its glorification and mainstreaming.

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"If so, and if the is easily accessible on computers, smartphones and game consoles, then the whole market could be worth between US$8 trillion and US$13 trillion ​by 2030, Citi estimates."


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"According to Citi's research report, the metaverse 'would combine the physical and digital worlds in an imnersive manner.' Uses will include 'everything we use the Internet for today with gaming, commerce, art, media, advertising, smart manufacturing, healthcare, virtual communities and social collaboration. "

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Wow, saw this in the mainstream English papers today and got pissed. I'm sure various people on Fedi could have come up with a better title. Like "Making money in the scamverse" or "Making money in the burning-this-planet-with-blockchain-verse" or "Making money in the let's -help-fucking-rich-white-dudes-become-even-richer-verse".

Jesus 😑

Might one even stop to ask whose pockets that estimated "18 trillion" is mostly going to end up in?

So I've discovered that my phone's built-in note-taking app is pretty good for doing rough thumbnails and sketches on the go.

Narrowed down on the second from bottom left of the previous (second image), but also liked the smaller eyes of the one above her.

Okay, I'm curious, when did you guys first hear about/join Linux? Please boost for a wider data pool. :boost_love:

So I finally deleted an old facebook account that was sitting around unused for years.

🖕 BigTech, conventional social media, metaverse, web3 bullshit.

Was going through old files and suddenly stumbled on this illustration that I vaguely remember doing for some math project in high school many years ago. I lost the report, but I think we were learning about polynomials or something, so I graphed a bunch of functions to produce the outline of a penguin, and rendered it 😂

Don't ask me what Tux 2.0 is supposed to be. Maybe that was back in the day when everyone was still talking about web 2.0 lol.

友:这就是culture appropriation。
我:it's so fucking not!
友:????how is that not??
我:because it's not their fucking culture!they just look asian!
友:????Yeah that's why I said it's cultural appropriation
我:??how is that appropriate!!that's so fucking inappropriate!!
友:(沉默三秒钟)wait … what do you think cultural appropriation means?
我:being appropriate culturally?
昨日又是文盲出来丢人显眼的一天 :0190:
我现在知道cultural appropriation啥意思了 :0190:

When I saw the doom grey challenge, the first scene that came to mind was someone in a dark spooky forest. The lantern in @davidrevoy 's original made me imagine someone carrying a lamp too, but then it became...

1. Hmm, let's make that "someone" Kiki (the Krita mascot)
2. Instead of a lamp, she can be holding a staff, which can be her stylus!
3. And her stylus eraser is a shiny blue orb that seconds as a lamp!
4. And throw a mage's robe on top, why not.


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