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i always thought planting something was the nicest thing you could do for somebody
i wrote a comic about that

trying to work on bigger art projects has made me realize

i have 0% ability to actually get a thing done

every time i don't draw for a day it feels like it's been a full week when i try to draw again

our kiddos
before all the bad stuff happened to them

played The Junkyard this evening, told stories about kids getting hurt a LOT
(with @mellific!!! she's even cooler in real life)

just before going to bed i:
turned out the lights
reached for my phone on my desk
plunged my hand straight in to an inkwell

i read hq on my phone until i'm almost out of battery... but i don't want to stop

this is not how the gif is supposed to look... but i like it anyway

wow i got the art block LOTS, gonna draw fan art until i feel better

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