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my personality test / icon creator is done !!! find out what you look like

(RTs appreciated!)

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i always thought planting something was the nicest thing you could do for somebody
i wrote a comic about that

the other day i hate-read a ts elliot essay at the bookstore and i’m still so mad about it i want to go back and buy the collection so i can hate-read the whole thing

i've been reading a lot of poetry to try to get better at writing comics and i'm realizing
i really just aspire to writing dashboard confessional lyrics

just look at this book

everything in it is wondrous

you can call me pollyanna, say i'm crazy as a loon
i believe in silver linings
and that's why i believe in you!

i still see ppl with ttto icons out in the wild on twitter and it makes me very happy every time

i feel so much more alive in winter, but less awake

bonebone understands me in a way no one else does

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