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i always thought planting something was the nicest thing you could do for somebody
i wrote a comic about that

running anime is full of boys with good sweaters, so i'm here for it

every year the winter comes i appreciate it more and more

i've looked up to + been inspired by @Juby 's art since i was a child browsing deviantArt

i rly like this comic, too, it's so full of joy and good draws and good characters

because someday i'll be dead, and they will know my name

sometimes when i'm feeling bad abt my draws i look at my fav artists work from long ago, to remind myself they came a long ways too

but what do u do when... they were always amazing

omg you can choose the preview for images on mstdn, i will do this from here on out

first color

its rebecca rossellini
i really like stories about thieves

listening to the pillows

i wanted to do this as part of huevember but the best color doesn't appear on the color wheel

oh yeahhhh oh yeahh

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(i made it this way so the next color will be as different as possible from colors you've already one)

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i rly like the idea of huevember! but i wanted to skip around so i don't use similar colors all the time

looked at hq gifs on tumblr and now i want to rewatch

i wrote this at like 2am right before falling asleep
but now i thought about it, and im v in to this... baseball AU i guess?
gotta draw more of it

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