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another doodle of my diwata oc, featuring a water one that I’ve yet to finalise designing

what masto app on ios supports preview crop editing? going to need it for my ipad

close-ups of the cloaks since I'm really happy with the minor details on it! plus sir blue hamster knight

that's all from me for now I think ✌🏼
I'll try harder to cross post often

An illustration I did for Scarlet Study's episode 3-4 release! It's an English translation patch for both 3DS and Android versions of DGS.

an inktober drawing from last month: Madam Rozaic from

OOH? I just discovered mastodon supports crop previews?! I wish my friends moved on here too so I'd post more here instead of twitter

A drawing I did for my Eclaire's birthday last sept 12!

I'm going to just post the few things I didn't over here...

it's a demon au (darklaw's wearing my oc clementine's outfit)

I want to draw but it’s been so hot the whole day that I can’t get into it

a drawing I did after I read the official short story From Azure Ashes in

i wish i had more serious art or AUs for my otp but here i am, with slug and snail au

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