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If you see my old art with a link to a carrd / a discord username that doesent work, i probably changed them :')
my updated info is in my bio!

and lastly: day twenty eight: A picture of you with that Pokemon

its been a wild ride folks!

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day twenty six: Let’s change things up! Draw it in a different style now

tried to make it look like a lilo and stitch experiment!

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day twenty five: Time for a break… For the pokemon! Draw it taking a nap


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day twenty three: A picture inspired by the Pokemons name meaning in any language

based on zigzagoons name in mandarin “Snake-patterned bear“

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day twenty: That Pokemon just formed a rescue team! Who’s their partner?

A friend of mine is also doing this challenge in private with trapinch!

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day nineteen: With the Pokeball you’ve caught this Pokemon in

when i bred for a shiny, it came so suddenly i didnt get the time to get it in a fancy pokeball!

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day fifteen - seventeen:
prompts are in caption

sorry for late upload, I've been sick this weekend ;;

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day fourteen: Obligatory Valentine’s Day themed pic
hope everyone had a nice day!

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the support ive gotten here for favuary and my art in general has been so validating, thank you so much 💛💚💛

ah fuck several typos oh well
thats what u get for posting at midnight and not proof reading kids

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