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I'm a returned Peace Corps Volunteer, atelier-trained painter, and art instructor. I primarily focus on figurative and still life paintings but dabble in plein air from time to time.

When I'm not painting, I backpack, hike, and practice duo aerial silks with my partner.


The crazy thing about this is that it means the "distorted" figure is essentially the result of bumping against the edges of one-point perspective, causing a fish-eye effect.

One point perspective wouldn't officially be "rediscovered" by Western Culture until the Italian Renaissance, some 40-50,000 years later.

The Venus of Willendorf might not have been a depiction of a goddess, but a self portrait instead, and that is just too cool. 

I finally put the last corrections to this portrait of two brothers. I have had some hard time due to the backlit reference picture which I was given to work with, so I had to invent most of the forms in the shadows. In the end I think likeness is here.

Hey! I’m new to Mastodon. It was recommended to me by some fellow artist friends. I live in Melbourne, Australia and I live for my art.

I concentrate exclusively on animals which means I’m usually doing some kind of wildlife art or pet portraits. Here’s a charcoal piece I did fairly recently called “Thy Fearful Symmetry”. I used a reference courtesy of Kaz Turner.

One thing that I am constantly relearning is that it never hurts to go slower. Spent the afternoon working on the second pass of the foot & calf of the closest leg.

Some days, at the end of it, you just have to wipe out what you painted and start over the next day.

:bob_ross: Thoughts on making full-size PSDs of artwork available for download, whether on platforms like Ko-Fi and Patreon, or for free?

I always considered the full-size PSD "the original" as far as digital files go. Having it in the open makes me feel really vulnerable, plus it makes it easy to reproduce, print, etc.

But so many artists put their hi-res files up and it makes me wonder... am I just old in my views and having the files out there is not that scary or bad?

Opinions welcome!

not everything you do can or even should be a masterpiece! Behind every great creator is a million "failures"

Failure to create something that fits your vision doesn't mean you can't try again. You're learning from that failure, it doesn't mean you'll never get there!!!

Failing is a stepping stone and the more you've failed the further you've come. Let yourself fail. Let yourself be just "good enough" once in awhile.

What came out of yesterday's figure drawing on . (CW: slight female nudity)
Theme was female anatomy and I tried to include different body types. TBC. Thanks to all who dropped by to talk a bit. :)

Work in progress : a in of two brothers for a . It has been impossible to paint due to the heat these days... Today at last we had cool rain and fresh air so I could get at it again :-) I need to calm down my contrasts it seems they are going to play theater, when they should not !

Figure drawing from my anatomy class this week! Charcoal is lit, you can go from barely visible all the way to black with some pressure control.

I got an invite to try out a "creator" profile on IG. Seemed like a business profile with a couple extra features. What they didn't say is any FB cross-posting will go to your personal feed/stories instead of your page's, despite IG's settings still saying that my profile was linked to my page....

sometimes u just gotta Aknowledge and Embrace the mistakes in ur art and go with the flow even if u know it won't end up being perfect

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