nsfw/sexual content, ff14 ocs 

kinktober pt 4 prompts: cunnilingus, pegging/bondage, face-sitting

nsfw/sexual content, endhawks (genderbend), monoshin, erasercloudmic (trans aizawa), fatgum/tamaki 

kinktober pt 3 prompts: genderbend, mind control/cockwarming, double penetration, fuck or die

nsfw/sexual content, ff14 ocs 

kinktober pt 2 prompts: rimming, sex toys/belly bulge, size difference/tit fucking, nipple play

nsfw/sexual content, momojirou, dabi, fuyumi, krbk (trans bakugou) 

kinktober pt 1 prompts: mirror sex, gang bang/exhibitionism, lingerie, praise/scent

nsfw, nudity, sexual content & text 

just eatin some glue, typical raid night

endhawks, nsfw, sexual content 

the prompt was hawks got hit by a clone quirk lol

nsfw, erasermic, missing leg/prosthetic, trans aizawa 

erasermic doodles 😊

nsfw, nudity, light bondage 

wrangle that bun

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