anyone on team wither in have a pony character i could add to a mass attack? here's what i have so far to give you an idea!! ^__^

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@trashguts i love the ones you did for me btw omg theyre so precious

@trashguts if you're still looking for one I could give you a pony *version* of a character... 👀

@nisima sure!! i definitely want to fit a couple more in before it's done hehe

@trashguts you can use this dude, he's just a silver critter with a black tailtip and blue emo hair? as a MLPony he'd probably be a unicorn, and his hair is shorter on the side you don't see- feel free to stylize the rest however you like!

@ajknox for sure! i'll probably be trying to finish it tonight ^__^ thanks!

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