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"intelligence"? you know that's not, like, real, right?

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this has been purchased!! keep ur eyes out for the finished piece im v excited ๐Ÿ˜–

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any species & expression, and your choice of season, weather, tool, bugs, & whether you want the stump or fossil hole!

examples of finished pieces: &

made a discord server for gays, artists, & gay artists - join & hang out,, make a friend,, ??


ive only participated in one so far bc of time constraints but check out the previous editions if youre interested! we organize in a discord server, i can send you an invite if you wanna join lmk!

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the faces of evil zine is working on planning for its next edition! it's a very small free zine focused on the enemies of the zelda series, and i really like the little community it has :) we're looking for more participants if any of you are interested in drawing some zeldor!

i guess alternately i could do commissions of like, pins or stickers, which i think would b super fun! but a lot pricier since i dont have the tools to make stickers myself and would rather buy them in relative bulk... i could get a pin press tho or some shrink film 4 badges? >:?

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i really want to make stickers and pins and stuff so bad & have the funds to front the fees & really love that stuff so much,, but most of the art i do that isn't commissioned or personal OC stuff is of copyrighted IPs :'|

i see merch of that stuff all the time but i don't know how they do that, it seems very scary and risky? does anyone have any insight abt that if they sell fanart of copyrighted IPs or suggestions for noncopyrighted stuff i could try to work on ?

im looking to do a couple art trades? :0 theyd b in this style on my end ๐Ÿ‘‡

im posting this in a couple places so just,, ig respond w who youd like drawn and i'll pick a couple?

? idk

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