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meet the artists were going around on another site recently and it occurred to me i havent. made one in a while lol

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Okay, everything's all set up!
Commissions are now officially open! Check out the info here:
& feel free to ask any questions :3

They're preferably by Paypal, can be any species, and turnaround is pretty fast at the moment. Won't draw any NSFW works. More info in my TOS!


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"intelligence"? you know that's not, like, real, right?

animbnated now
(sorry if it gets all stretched weird its tiny and mastodon doesnt always handle that good sdlkfj)

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kind of an inktober drawing but mostly an excuse to try out a new brush i got lol

sticker design i drew in 2019 in some anti-steelers angst moment
if it wouldn't get my windows bashed in i'd put it on my car lmao

Day 1 of October drawing challenge, Iโ€™ve started with Inktoberโ€™s prompt, Crystal.

Itโ€™s a nice froggo friend.

#mastodraw #mastoart #art #inktober #drawing #frog

more starter pokemon for people on tumblr! these are really fun but coming up with options for people is somewhat time consuming haha

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fused bug with my ooold sona, ray
the vibes just Make Sense To Me

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it's live!
if you have a tumblr account and would like a Catalpa Assigned Starter Pokemon, please see this post for details:

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@umalkosh its acrylic and not watercolor but.. eevee!
ft. metallic gold and opalescent blue-green also though it's hard to get that on camera ๐Ÿ˜”

drawings including an inappropriate sabotender 

plane doodles (morgan suggested a sabotender and an evil horse to fill out the rest of the space)

clown painting party results-- 13 clowns between the 5 of us! not bad!!
i did the one with the blue bg with white dots and the frog clown

here's a ghost-type eeveelution designed by melchoinsassy on tumblr as well, though i messed up the colors a bit :'3

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