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finally updated this 3 months late bc i forgot about it... link in case it gets compressed bc it's huge?

commission for cloverleaf on TH of their character guts, who i've always admired the design of! : D

someone on tumblr pointed out that tieflings could absolutely be trolls with just minor flexes of canon (if that) so i had to draw my bab rev homestuckized..

throwback to that time i had a dream about my friend rehoming a cat-sized bumblebee called a bumblefluff that was the cutest thing my brain has ever imagined in my life

my friend talking about clothing and jewelry purchases and shit

pro of wearring a ring: i can make annoying tapping noises against my phone case super easily

con of wearing a ring: i can make annoying tapping noises against my phone case super easily and its hard to resist

tonights episode of I'm Proud Of This Now but I Know I'll Hate It In The Morning

ghibli bow... >:3c
(feel free 2 use as an icon with credit but please donโ€™t repost anywhere)

spent tonight working on these instead of doing anything else productive.. asldkf

(sprite base & prince god tier template from the homestuck wiki, all the edits by me, character design by bromocresolgreen on deviantart)

Acrylic painting from 2018

Coyote, trickster energy, life and death. I really enjoyed building up that fur texture!

Anyone have name suggestions for this piece?

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