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"intelligence"? you know that's not, like, real, right?

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two more !! the one on the right was drawn left handed bc my boy is asleep on my right arm...

Drew an assortment of polliwoglins to practice my digital inking.

you might think your posts aren't being archived; that you can just delete them and they'll be gone forever, but that's not true. every time you post, i copy and paste it into a word document. i do this in case my internet goes down. i have hundreds and thousands of posts in there, with no formatting whatsoever. i can't tell where one post ends and another begins. all of your secrets are in there

attack i did tonight :3c starting to get back into the swing of things i think??

an artfight drawing i really liked the result of !! i'm trashguts on team dream if any of u are participating :]

β€€β€€β€€β€€β€€β€€β€€β€€γ€€α Žβ€€β€€β€€β€€β€€β€€β€€β€€γ€€α Žβ€€β€€β€€β€€β€€β€€β€€β€€γ€€α Žβ€€β€€β€€β€€β€€β€€β€€β€€γ€€α Ž

I am so bad at updating. >.> some stuff for an upcoming con as well as Freya promoting a charity game steam week.

And the poor 5th that didn’t fit in that other post.

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