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"intelligence"? you know that's not, like, real, right?

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two pokesona concepts, a starly/spinarak fusion & a wurmple line/poliwag line fusion (w a silcoon evolving into a dustox bc Trans).... i'm rlly leaning towards the silcoon/poliwhirl boy tbh

im only very casually into sports but oh my GOD the aces v sky wnba game today !!!!!!! ive never lost my MIND at a sports game like that before what the hELL! !!! my boy and i have been silent ever since just like. speechless lmao ?!

First batch of villagers! Thanks everyone!
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Seeing people freak out in a negative way to bums me out. Just let it be fun, y’all. Don’t worry about quotas or views, just work on improvement :)

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[the peel]

*currently drowns in the muck of my own color choices*

oc: Niku

the top right doodle is a bit gorey despite the fact it's made of blueberry jam! (blueberry jam actually looks quite gorey in the right context,,) 

does anyone have any, drawing suggestions/requests/etc while i'm travelling today? :3c bls

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