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meet the artists were going around on another site recently and it occurred to me i havent. made one in a while lol

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Okay, everything's all set up!
Commissions are now officially open! Check out the info here:
& feel free to ask any questions :3

They're preferably by Paypal, can be any species, and turnaround is pretty fast at the moment. Won't draw any NSFW works. More info in my TOS!


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"intelligence"? you know that's not, like, real, right?

decided itd be a graduation pic of the first class they helped teach in school >:]

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i made... a pokemon professor askblog? for fun!

their name is professor catalpa and here's there team! more info about the pokemon can be found here:

eyestrain (chromatic aberration), drawn eye contact 

first attack of the season is... accidentally a friendly fire bc i wasnt paying attention LOL oops

d. does anyone on team cyberpunk have characters uploaded somewhere besides artfight so i can start on attacks bc the site is never usable the first couple days lol

i have been placed on team steampunk! and are my favorite characters to get art of but anything in the tag in the prev post is great, if any team cyberpunks are looking for things to draw while the sites laggy lol

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finished a quick, messy prof. catalpa reference sheet riiight before artfight starts lol

pride month ends and month begins...!
im probably gonna be even worse than usual at keeping up with attacks but here's my profile anyway lol

i will be randomizing my team as always :)

in the event of the annual first-days lag, here's a link to all the characters you can draw (only the ones tagged "af art tag"):

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