I feel kinda content and wanna sketch some characters after this next commission, so throw me your OCs ig?? 👀

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(+ If I feel up to it & there's more OCs than there are spaces, I'll expand the meme to fit everyone I can 😊 )

@transientrose If you wanna draw him I'd be forever grateful! You can make him a human if you'd like!

@transientrose hello! your art is very lovely! you're welcome to sketch anyone in this folder if you feel so inclined!
def. ok if you aren't up for it though, thank you for offering! (apologies if this was meant to be a private thing rather than public!)

@vampyric It's open to anyone who might like to see me try to draw their OCs, so no worries about that! ✨

@transientrose My OC Nora is a trans girl who likes vocaloid music, video games, and baking cookies. She knows how to bake many different types of cookies but is inexperienced with most non-cookie baked goods. She wants to learn how to play guitar but she hasn't gotten around to it. I have a bunch of doodles of her and a couple illustrations.

@transientrose hi there! I'm new here and still getting to know folks, so apologies if this is meant only for mutuals....but I can offer up any of these kids who strike your fancy, if any do?

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