@trajon Huh, she doesn't look at all what I imagined. (Yes, it still works, btw)
@trajon Pretend that I remembered to clear the exif rotation information there. :)
@trajon Here is the badboy in action. I'm actually demonstrating the controls work as expected here and not trying to play :) Note the "color screen" is just a transparency clipped on. Each game came with its own unique coloured screen. It was made around 1983-84.
@trajon Oh goddamnit, the BADASS sound got lost in the render, whoopsie. Well, it was "blloooop! weeeooweeeoooweeooo" over and over. :P~

@saltorito that's incredible! I want one so bad, the way the game moves is so smooth and mesmerizing. I've never seen one being used in a video before :D thanks so much!

@trajon My pleasure, its one of my treasured objects :) Its a pretty incredible machine for its time, being entirely vector graphics based.
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