made a lil drawing of the kabbalic tree of life that turned out kinda fun (sorry no caption and also sorry for my handwriting)

this was originally gonna be a cover for a chapbook submission but then i realized that it clearly said *not* to include any artwork ... which is good cuz the deadline for that has long since passed

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wip ... feels unresolved/colors aren't working for me. constructive critiques appreciated

writing tropes, homophobia, misogyny 

and like obvs i'm just a dude complaining and women can write whatever they want for their own entertainment but have u considered ... that gay sexuality is usually not exactly the same as straight sexuality, with the exact same roles and problems????

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writing tropes, homophobia, misogyny 

i recently heard the observation that straight women sexualize submissiveness in a particular way, and now i can see it in almost every gay dude story written by a woman. the clear top/bottom roles, the non-/dubious- consent that's played off as hot rather than troubling or to be worked through, the bottom fuckin ... pretending to not have a sex drive and only having responsive attraction when the top corners them ...

i realize the difference is not that noticeable in this pic (except on Skađi's shirt) but it will save me hours of removing stray brush marks from the speech bubbles and panel borders with my laptop trackpad later 🙈

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painting LP pages day 1/??

in which I discover masking fluid and realize I should have been using it this whole time

anyway inking with paintbrush is just as easy as using a brush pen and much cheaper and less likely to run out of ink at the worst time

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every time I work on an LP update I beg myself not to change my art style AGAIN and then my stupid hands are like "umm you mean do something totally new?? got it!"

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tentacular summer reading
thursday august 5, 7-9 BST

with readings from:
sophia rubina charalambous
aaron el sabrout
will harris
peter hughes
safiya kamariya kinshasa
eleanor perry
verity spott

plus! 4 open mic spots
sign up on the night of

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when straight people ask me about my sexuality, my main goal is to make them feel as awkward as i do

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