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Hey you! Yeah, you! Do you love being gay and ushering in the apocalypse--I mean revolution? Play Ha3oud, visual novel about gays in the revolution in a semi-fictional Arab country. Plot a revolution with your brother and his friends--seek out justice ... and maybe love?? (it's free!).

if you asked me before this i would have described my art style as "anime-inspired" but actually trying to make it look more like anime really showed how much it's different ... like what even are anime hairstyles

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took a break from pixels yesterday to watch blue period and try a more anime inspired style

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bruh how did this last one turn out such a different resolution than the previous ones?? i mean i like it better but i think that means i have to redo the first two 🙈 maybe teaching myself pixel art while also trying to learn how to make a video game wasnt such a bright idea lol

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Another houseplant background. This will be the south room in the game.

Show thread watch me paint this painting and chat about ouran, transmascs, and fetishization!

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All the artists I admire: have detailed, realistic styles
Me: ok but … what if I kept;;;;; making my art … more impressionistic and loose every time ?/?????

made some ouran fanart cuz i love to hate this $&#&* anime ... painting video tomorrow!

fuck kofi made me delete my artwork cuz there was nudity ... is patreon better for posting nsfw stuff??

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I finally hit 50 pages!! it's taken over a year lol but I'm really proud of myself this is my longest running comics project to date

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new pages up of Lunar Phase! we finally get to meet Gus and help them rescue their pup!

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