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Hola πŸ’š I'm Haru, like nya, and I primarily make UTAU content! I'm part of the vocalsynth community and I also adore LOZ (playing BOTW rn!) and plan to make more art soon that's fully complete!
Animated PVS: ,,

Nekomura Iroha ver. V4 Soft bust portrait~ my first attempt at my newest art style that I feel comfortable with
on birdsite as well if you need a link to that ver.

realized i havent posted my recent art here in awhile so here i go, two posts incoming

i think one thing im proud of is how i can mix haru's voice, im literally. the equalizer is my deadly WEAPON with utau

i said id take a break after doing this super frustrating uploading experience but i just tuned 1/3 of a nearly 6 min ust god

main art for the pv is done yeehaw!!! 31 pictures done, but its not exactly what u think

anyways that was a rare moment i talked about my opinions jgndkjf

complaint about anime bs 

is being over 18 not "cute"??? cause like??? if you need your characters to be underage to sell the moe factor then u are nastie..pls seek help. create more college anime. more 20 year olds. is still chaotic and interesting outside of highschool fact i am still suffering like i did in highschool so .

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complaint about anime bs 

especially knowing that your target audience is young adults and ppl over 18, it makes me so mad to see official figures and pictures sexualizing these young characters which couldve been avoided in the first place, why is there so much focus on children?? its gross! i want more adult anime characters, more adult vocaloids, hell, miku gets so sexualized and shes literally 16 jdfkngjkdfng makes me so mad

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complaint about anime bs 

ok so this . just makes me really upset, i WISH anime and manga and literally anything that is drawn with anime style characters, this goes toward vocaloid as well, i WISH they would put out more characters of AGE, why do you need 12-17 year olds, sure i guess for storywise youre totally allowed but if you want to sexualize them in merch and stuff why couldnt the author have made them of age in the first place? why does it have to be gross pedo shit???

everytime i receive a university email i get a panic thinking my ass is going to be kicked

dieting/weight mention 

im proud of myself for having ate pretty decently today, only a sandwich and a couple pieces of candy, which maybe amounted to like....a total of ~300 cal? so i still have much room for dinner later, right now drinking more liquids, my head kinda aches. but ill probably eat some salad, maybe into a wrap with some meat idk??

im real excited to hurry UP and finish these pictures for my upcoming pv, it's supposed to be energetic and fun! once i get these pictures into after effects it's over for nya'll :lies_down:

dumb voca l/synth 

i see nya'll doin interstellar flight but arent macross fans, hurts my heart i gotta say πŸ˜” ✊ :oof: this is TREASON !!!!!! i spray with waterbottle

he genuinely did interrupt my recording and i took his bastard nya out of it and used it kjfgngndg

making myself take a break from pv sketching! :'U my brain: "hmm. ill take a break . and draw for fun" then im like wait no we're taking a break from drawing!!

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