Anyone here with and the struggles of maintaining attention on a piece, esp beginning stages? Like, i wanna talk abt how big of a struggle it is to finish a damn sketch.
I gotta keep pushing myself to keep going, sketch out super basic shape for struggle areas like hands, and trust that it’ll look good eventually.
In the past I’ve given up halfway and takes me days to finally finish (cause im more of a hobbyist too) even most basic areas...

@tinskanix I don't know about sketching, but I definitely go through stretches with writing were I just can bring myself to do it. For me, this cycles and during the worst times, it a huge struggle to keep working on my art. Getting inspired by someone else's work I love helps me a lot during those times, even if not the same medium. Oddly, I find myself re-watching a lot of my favorite films during down moments to get fired up again and start working. Do you have people who inspire you?


@GMGardner Aah for sure. Super late reply but def always relevant convo. Trust and pushing yourself, very familiar feels. Awesome that you’ve learned methods that work for you to keep going and help with consistency :). No specific artists but I’ve taken to create social media Accts just for art and follow artists there. Getting to see their work but also just day to day thoughts and process has been really helpful too. Also having opp to interact with other artists helps a bunch!!

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